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SS shake value, 200??

I was looking for specifics on SS'ing, And I saw the SS+. I am unable to get a CDC where I live, But I discussed things over with my doctor and I will be doing this under supervision. The question I have is the Official CD website linked me to a seller who sales 110cal shakes, But I noticed the SS was described as 200cals..? Are these the wrong calorie numbers? Should I be looking elsewhere for the shakes? Also could someone give me the run down of how SS'ing works I saw the stickies but couldn't find one with a step by step guide. :crazy: Or maybe I am just crazy and didn't see it.
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If you are in the USA, which I think you are? this is a different product all together and I wouldn't think there was SS+.

In the UK you can only do this through a CDC who you meet with and are weighed and measured.

If you are in the USA you really need to speak to them about the programmes they have.

If I am totally off target here and you are in the UK you need to contact your local CDC.

Nah, You are on target. There are no CDC's here, And the one in Ohio a 4day drive from here doesn't respond to Emails. So I kinda have to do it by myself with doctors supervision. :x I wish it was the same product. I wouldn't mind becoming a CDC myself. If I could see results myself on the product. :\ I feel like my hands are tied though.
:( Its really disheartening.. I wonder if maybe they changed there emails, Or never got mine, I recent them again a week ago. Still no response.
I am really sorry for you but the UK and rest of the world are totally seperate from the USA and have been for many many years.

Products and programmes again are different so its impossible really to compare. Have you tried phoning them?
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Why don't you Google VLCDs (very low calorie diets) and see what comes up.

While you might not be able to access the CD easily from your part of the world, I am in no doubt that there will be an equivalent in the USA.

Let us know how you get on.

They responded really quick within an hour of a letter.
An excerpt "
I would refer to our milk/soy protein shakes as UK shake formula's Some of these were totally formulated by Cambridge Manufacturing in the UK. Milk is used as part of the protein, therefore containing a bit more sugar than the newer version, which is very low in sugar & higher is protein.

Click the link successdiet.com Dr. Howard's Success Weight Loss Program (or our milk/soy shakes) (milk/soy soups).

We are a sister company to Cambridge Diet - UK. (we have chosen to honor Dr. Howard's many years of research, with our trademark "Dr. Howard's Success Weight Loss Program." (Cambridge Diet name was used in the US many years ago, therefore we needed to develop a name to help people know we are the same).

It is important that your doctor is working with you, especially at 18. Is it possible for you to call on our toll free number, or provide a number for me to call you?

The person we have on our opening page, that has lost 325 pounds with this product, has toured many portions of the world for Dr. Howard, to support peoples efforts in weight loss. Our meal replacement bars were formulated to meet US/UK regulations, as some of our sister companies use our bars.

I hope this has answered the questions, you have."

There is a start I'll call them and see what I can do, I'll keep you guys updated. :D


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The Cambridge Diet by Dr Alan N Howard.

20th anniversary edition

Issued by The Cambridge Diet UK.

Cambridge Contact details for Cambridge - both within the United Kingdom and around the world - are given ...

In it at the back page 158 it lists

("Dr Howard's Success")
Immediate Reward Inc
11631 Belleville Road,
Belleville, Mi 48111

Phone: (1) 7346998470
Fax: (1) 734 699 5053 or 6975050

Web: www.successdiet.com

So it looks like it is the same diet.

Let us know how you get on Puppysnducks
This subject came up recently on another forum so I asked for clarification from Head Office this is the response:

‘Our UK Cambridge Diet’ is not marketed in the USA under any name. Alan Howard sold the marketing rights to a US company way back before he set up the UK company and far as I know, we have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with them.

I was told years ago that the two companies seperated over 20 years ago.

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