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SS vs SS+

Im on my third week of SS. I started gym this week and really think I need to have more calories. Im not doing anything hectic at the gym just 45 minutes of low intensity cardio. Im ok during the sessions in the morning, but then very tired in the evening. If I go onto SS+ will I still continue to lose weight? My concern is that Ive not lost loads (7pounds week 1 and 4pounds week 2) so far. I don't want to not exercise as it is important for me to get fit again.

Any thoughts?
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Strong women stay slim
With Ss and ss plus , they say theres not alot of difference in them maybe few pound a month .
With work outs they just say to not to over do it ... but its good to do some . ask your CDC anyway ... i thiink 45 mins is ok its not over the top its because its sucha VLCD thats why they say not to over do it as well .
I do 3 packs most days and have an extra one when I go to gym. Seems to work for me :)
Thats what I was thinking of doing. Having the extra when I do the exercise. Especially as I am going to gym at 6am so it makes the day really long. Do you ever eat the meal or only do an extra shake? I also only try to eat the bars when I go to the gym.

Thanks for the replies


Strong women stay slim
Well , i would have 3 shakes and i'd do a chicken and green veg meal if i needed it .
I would not do 4 as its costly .
Plus gives you a change to eat .
I'm not on Cd but i'm on VLCD of exante and w8 and cleb slim mixing as getting my bmi to just under 40 then go back see my old cdc , i think Cd is the best tasting of all vlcd .I can go on CD but its getting a doctors sig which she will charge so holding off

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