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ss+ with way too much chicken!!!!


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Hi all!!!!!

These past two days ive been really hungry at work. Ive had a cd shake in the morning, cd choco bar as a snack, chicken with salad for lunch and chicken with salad for dinner. I thought as chicken is protein it wouldnt matter too much but i dnt want to jepodise any chances of great weight loss by doin this?

Wat do u guys think? so far im still in ketosis but i dnt no for how long. In atkins diet you can have as much protein as u like and still stay in ketosis.

I followed the ss+ plan strictly last week and lost 10lbs:) but i almost collapsed at work. I really want to lose a stone and a half before my bday june 4th.

Do u think i shud just stick to the ss+ plan and stuff???
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Hi rose, Well, this isnt atkins is it? You may not come out of ketossis but if you really want to be successful you should stick with the plan 100%. You will see the best results that way. Good luck. keep strong! you only have 1 and half to lose. that isnt so much and can be done but maybe june 4th is a bit hopeful. A stone a month is what you should aim for.


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Hi Rosebud.

The chicken wont knock you out of ketosis, but too much salad might. Check portion sizes and make sure you are only having the foods the book suggests.

After the initial few days of water/glycogen loss, your fat loss will depend on how many calories you are eating, not whether you are in ketosis or not, so if you are looking for a maximum loss in a short time, you need to be really strict on how much protein you are having.

I know Atkins can have plenty of protein, but the same thing applies. They will stay in ketosis, but it's only the calories that matter for weight loss, so the more they have, the less they lose.


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I started SS+ last week and I too was having a CD bar for lunch - and I put weight on! (Not much, but a bit.) My CDC has told me to knock off the bars as much as possible (because of the extra calories in them) so I'm just going to have one a week now, the day that I work.

I'm not out of ketosis myself, but I am guilty of ladling on the veg & salad (had courgettes and celeriac last night!) so I will have to take it easy there. Although my CDC did say that if I fancy a snack during a hungry break, I could have a bit of celery or a radish or something like that to tide me over?

Cottage cheese is my downfall - I love it! I bought a big double pot to get me through the week and ended up snacking on it until it was all gone! (Memo to self - do not approach fridge with teaspoon in hand....) :eek:

It's easy to think that the allowed foods on SS+ are OK to eat willy-nilly - but we're still supposed to be keeping under them 200 calories! :sigh:


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S: 17st8lb G: 13st0lb
Thanks, im going to see if i can go back to ss today and have 4 shakes a day becuz i need to control my eating habits and i dnt want anything to stop me from my potential weight loss.

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