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SSing and Exercise (Walking)

Does anyone know if exercising whilst SSing effects weightloss. For the past few days i have been walking alot more (about 1-2 hours a day) and it invloves alot of uphill walking outdoors or an hour on the treadmill (there is alot of sweating involved). I've noticed for the past few days the scales are not moving and i'm thinking it could be due to the exercise.

I would really appreciate any advice or opinions on this problem because i really dont want to give up the walking.

Thank you xx

ps - I am having 3 shakes a day, sometimes 4 if i am hungry.
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I have heard it`s best not to do too much cardio exercise as the body can go into starvation mode so I have avoided doing much exercise lately.

Saying that, I did my Race For Life last weekend which I walked with my daughters. We did it at a steady pace and at times I carried my daughter on my shoulders so she could rest. I also went out that night and danced my socks off.

I actually had a decent weight loss this week despite this so am considering upping my exercise again.

You will probably find that when it comes to your official WI you have lost :D

I started walking around 40-80 mins a day. I do have my rest days and I do notice I've become a little bit hungrier. However, I'm still loosing on ss, so I'm just continuing this form of excercise just so I get a bit fitter :)


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i think walking more will be fine, if not good for you as you get in to the habit of being more active helping in the long term to be healthier.

i work out at the gym 3 times a week. on gym days i drink an extra shake. CDC said that was fine.
my weight loss has been slow BUT thats because i have toned up while loosing fat on CD [fat weighs less the muscle and all that].

so in fact i am slimmer [and healthier] then i have ever been before even tho i weight half a stone more then at my lightest.

hope that helps in deciding what to do.

maybe you are experiencing the same thing... ur getting slimmer BUT scales are not showing it.
Thank you all for your replies :). I dont think the walking will slow my weightloss, but just incase i have decided to not do any working over the weekend (or just do a light walk to enjoy the sunny weather) and see if that effects my weightloss.

I'm hoping to increase exercise when i am on 1000cals to get a lean, toned dancers body :).

Thanks again for your replies :) xx

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