stabilisation - steps?


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Hi all, am very happy to say that in a couple of weeks I will be finishing SS and starting stablisation:)

I wondered for those of you who have done this already whether you did do each step as recommended in the book ie 790/1000/1200/1500 and for the exact time as stated in the book? Does it matter if you say go from 1000cals to 1500 and not do the 1200 week/s

any advice or feedback would be great.
hi i am just moving onto 1200, i did ss, then i did aam, for a week, then i did 790 for a week, then i did 1000 for 2 weeks, and im not sure how longi will do 1200 for depends on how i feel, i dont think its adviseable to go from 1000 to 1500, as its important to introduce foods in a certain way, good luck
It is better if you can go up all the stages - or down them, for that matter (Hmmmmm! someone failed in that one did't I??!!)

Is there a reason you don't want to do the 1200 cal stage???
I did the steps as laid out in the book, though I did stay on one of the steps (can't remember which one) for an extra week as I sort of 'fell' one day, so my CDC recommended I stay on that stage for another week.

What incentive that was to stay on track;)

...for the advice so far. The only reason I may not be able to do exactly as the book advises is because of time - cos christmas is looming!:)

obviously I know I cant eat what I want when I want even over christmas but I wanted to be up to 1500 cals for as long as possible before christmas to give me the best chance of maintaining my weight.
I think it should be okay to do a shortened version of it in this circumstance.

Do go up all the steps though, but perhaps not stay on them so long?