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Starbucks Buckets of Skinny Latte

I saw them described in this way in an earlier post, and have to confess I was having these last week in lieu of lunch when I was away. Is this why my scales haven't moved? and I had one yesterday ( always the medium size)

what is the consensus?

Will I have to change to the Americano?

Was buying the Starbucks card a poor idea?

Tessa the confessa!
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It was me who used the term as the very large (aka "bucket size"!) Skinny Lattes from Starbucks exceed the Cruise milk allowance (maximum 1/4L and even that might be too much for some people - dairy is often a stall culprit. He says 1K but I never go over half that!).


** Chief WITCH **
provided there's no more than 1/4L milk total (in your entire day), it's fine! Only if you stall need you look for culprits and, in the case of the bucketfuls of Starbucks skinny latte's, it was one we were delighted to find for some poor dukaner who was doing everything else right but losing nothing!
For cappuccino a little milk makes a lot of froth so some are okay, but some baristas still tip a fair bit of milk in, annoying. So go carefully. If youre stalling its an easy one to cut back on (and kind to the budget).
capuccino should be 50/50 milk to foam at Starbucks but you can also order a dry one which is more foam (i used to manage a Store)
What would that be in Seattle speak, beandex? A "skinny, dry capuccino"??? I always feel such an utter dork in Starbucks etc and brutalise any order I try to give. I'm certain the local baristas laugh at me. :eek:
Oo I love the dry cappuccino suggestion! I simply can't give up the coffee shop addiction I have. I still feel an idiot asking for skinny anything. With about 5 stone to lose I always think they are thinking "like that's gonna make a difference love!", it's the same when I order diet coke.

I normally opt for asking for it: "... made with skimmed milk" so I think I'll add "... and mostly froth, please!" ha, ha I know it's me not them but can't help it! Funny though, cos when I'm slim I'll have no problems asking for a dry, skinny cappuccino!


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You can also ask for a skinny, short, dry, cappuccino - the shorts are 8 oz and aren't on the menu, but all of the barristas here know about them. You'll end up with about a 1 -1 ratio of espresso to milk and then the rest foam - which is a nice strong espresso and a nice treat

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