Started 1st Jan 2012


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Hey! I started today found it pritty hard but going to stick to it! Ive got a holiday coming up in April so hope to loose as much as I can! Good luck and happy new year :) x

Jersey Joe

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Hi ! Started on the 1 St too... So far 7 lbs down ... Struggling to drink my water and I have breath like a foxes arse... I want to lose 2 stone on L.T and then intend to go on to Weight watchers after my re- feed. Happy to buddy up. On day 3 now, which is generally one of the hardest. I,m working til 10 pm tonight too.. So that doesn't help.!


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I started a similar VLCD on 15 Dec and am down 17.6lbs. Taking all the packs and drinking the water has worked really well.

So good luck and stick with it.



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Well done all of you.
I will be back 100% tomorrow too.
x x x


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hiya i started 1st as well.
just want today to b over with n hit ketosis n hopefully time will fly then.
u can put put a ticker and some mini goals in ur signature, that helps.


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Hello eveyone. I'm back today after an unintentional break for Christmas. Not looking forward to getting back into ketosis but it will soon be over. As everyone says drink your water (aim for the upper end of 4 litres as you'll see bigger losses - but don't go over that, not only is it not good to drink too much there are only so many trips to the loo you can make in a day before you start looking like a weirdo :))
It's well worth it so stick with it. xxxx
Hi everyone, I have been staying away with 20 friends this weekend and managed to stay 100%

Probably as they noticed a difference which I hadn't.

Did 30 mins on the excersize bike tonight and feel good.

Hope your all doing well x


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wooo!! keep it up!