started again


hi i started cd ss 3 weeks ago started great lost 12lb in first 5 days great .... day 6 woke in middle of the night with toothache by morning half my face was swollen by nighttime whole face was swollen went to dentist told it was a abcess given very strong antibotics and told to eat a meal with tablet told im on cd told not enough food would be sick so i came of cd took tabs had tooth out had to go back for more tablets now i have started cd for the last 4 days and today is the first day i have managed shakes only its so much harder when you have had a break but hopfully i will start right now x donna
Good for you Donna, your back into the swing of things.

Glad you got your tooth sorted.

Love Mini xxx
Well done on getting back to it. Possibly ease back into it gently - go down from 1,000 to 790 then SS? Glad your tooth is better.
Hello Donna - well done for getting started again ;) that takes determination !

glad you got your tooth sorted...good luck for your weight loss journey....