Started Diet Chef to-day.


Depends on how much rice... You have a few hundred cals spare for fruits etc, so if it is a small portion, that should be ok I think. After all they sell rice on the website too.


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I tend to add 40-50g of rice with the dinners (or some pasta, or just veg, it tends to depend on what it is, but with the curries, its rice :) ), and its coming off on me - weighed myself yesterday, and since Friday (which is also my treat dinner night, so had 'naughty' dinner and pud as it were) I've lost 1lb, but better than that can now get into my 'diet' trousers and couldn't get in them last week (ok, its not a pretty sight yet, but they do up now at least lol). Will weigh again on Thurs to see what I've lost proper this week.

IMHO its a bit of a balance between being able to stick at this, full time, for x amount of months until all the weight has gone, and loosing weight full stop if that makes sense - on other things I've lost weight quickly, which has been fab, but I get to about 14 stone and then get stuck, pile it all back on again over several months (for various reason for coming off the 'diet') and then start again with something else. This way I get yummy food, teach myself what a 'normal' portion looks like and still get to loose weight at a rate I'm happy with - and its been v fast imho so far so I'm hoping Thurs will be much more than 1lb (but if its only 1lb that's fine as well as I'm a bit hormonal this week).

Every lb down is a step the right direction. But I only have something like 28 days until I have to be on a plane for 22 hours, and I don't want to be fat fat fat on that plane lol so would like it to come off a little quicker than 1lb a week if I'm being totally honest.....if only I hadn't been a burk for all that time leading up to now! Silly woman!


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OK it works 3 days on DietChef and 2lbs off, not bad going. Food is nice and tasty as well. Can I keep it up for a 100 days - I hope so and beyond that.....
100/3 = 33days x 2lbs thats 66lbs thats 4 stone, WOW can't wait.
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