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Started Gym and PUT ON 7 pound - devastated :(

S: 14st2.0lb G: 9st0lb
I joined the gym 7 weeks ago and despite staying there as I usually leave after a week or two lol I have put on 7 pounds. I am devastated to be honest. This is what I do can someone help please:

30 mins walking briskly
30 mins on the bike on the fat burning programme where you are going up and down hills
10 mins on cross trainer as it kills me
back on treadmill again then to kill time for train i have to catch for about 15 mins

thats an hour and 25 mins of the gym and I am putting on weight ?
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Dont worry just keep going your not doing anything wrong!
This can happen as your toning and gaining muscle mass while shedding fat.
*remember* Muscle mass is twice as dense as fat so you will be loosing the inches just the weight will take a while to regulate x
I have the same problem at the moment, we have to persevere :)
S: 14st2.0lb G: 9st0lb
it can be disheartening can't it :( lucky i am loving the gym, as I normally would have left weeks ago. So I will keep at it now and hope for the best x


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Hiya, have you thought about doing some weights instead of all cardio? Are you eating more after gym? Can be easy to overeat and justify it by going to the gym? Could you be gaining muscle? Are your clothes looser??? X

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S: 14st2.0lb G: 9st0lb
Hi Donzy84 clothes are only looser this week, i have started jogging more on treadmill now. I am also back on my fitnesspal and i was eating nothing, so i was told to up what i eat and this week i actually feel better :D watch this space, hopefully i will start losing weight now


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Mix it up abit, I do machines and then arm weights so ill do treadmill for however long, a few arm weights to let my legs recover a bit, more arm weights or abs machine and then machine etc etc. Also don't always look at what the scales say, measure yourself around the hips, waist and bust and then even though the scales may say pounds on, you'll actually be loosing inches due to toning :) x


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Hi,I'm going through the same at the moment.i started with a personal trainer two weeks ago and we are doing mostly weights and I do a but of walking in the morning but not dropped any weight,lost 4inches off my waist.
But I want to see the loss on the scale,that's what motivates me.its so depressing!


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I think you need to make sure you are getting plenty of protein and drinking plenty of water, if you don't eat properly but go to thr gym your body goes into survival mode! You won't lose weight! Make sure your diet is spot on then the excercise will compliment this! Remember when you diet 80% of it is down to your diet only 20% is down to exercise :)
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Oh! Its a horrible feeling isnt it!
I have been doing a workout program for 3 weeks and have not lost any weight but Im -1inch on waist and my jeans are loose on my thighs.
Just keep at it the numbers will match eventually

But think about it....

Would you prefer to lose an inch off your waist and no weight?
Or 7lbs and no inch loss?
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It's the worst feeling.

I've just started the 4th week and I'm still the same weight,not going up or down!
Lost a few inches from my waist and getting a few comments saying I'm looking slimmer but why won't these damn scales reflect..
How often do you weight yourself? You really shouldn't get on the scale that much. I usually get on the scale 4 times a year. So about every 3 months. Remember that this is a life long habit you're building. Getting on the scale every few days or weeks shows a quick results mentally. And I'm sure you already know that quick results are anything but.
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I'm just attaching this pic to kind of explain how the scale isn't important:


I'm 170lbs (12stone 2) 5ft 9 and overweight.

That black dress is a size 12. I even have a size 10 dress! For a tall person like myself I think size 12 is a great place to be.

Now I'm not saying I'm perfect but I don't think I look like an overweight person. If I went of the scales alone then I would have given up a long time ago as I have not lost weight in ages. But I do interval strength training which does build muscle. So to lose a dress size but no weight I must have lost maybe 7-10lbs of fat.

I understand its frustrating. Just take your measurements and hide the scales. I weigh once a month now.


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Hi Evans, thanks for that picture u look totally amazing and definitely not over weight.
I know I need to stop being fixated on the scales. I did it again today and have gained two pounds and feel like crap... But I know my size is changing dramatically.i just can't see why it doesn't even show a pounds difference I mean surely my eating has changed so much I've cut out every bit of junk I used to eat and trust me it was alot and I'm exercising but still no movement.
You think I should do some cardio,because my trainer thinks not. He only wants me to walk in the morning for 30mins and that's it.
S: 15st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 3st7lb(23.33%)
I do 2 days of strength then 1 day cardio x 2 pw. It gives my muscles a day to rest as if I overwork them they are too tired. The cardio day is great for burning calories. But I'm not a fitness expert! I just remember reading once that its best to mix it up a bit.
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Im losing about a lb a week if you go by the scales but I am gonna measure myself as well I do cardio and strength traininh alternated on different days
S: 14st2.0lb G: 9st0lb
thanks everyone for your replies Yes its very disheartening

Evans you look great keep up the good work

I am weighing myself every 4 weeks.


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This is me all over. Been working out so hard running, cross trainer, weights, yoga and pilates and loving it but still the scales stay the same!! been doing this for 4 weeks now! Im just going to keep going and hope for the best! x
Hi there, I've been in this situation myself too!! No matter how much I put into the gym, even though I was eating healthily, weight wasn't coming off!

Had a discussion with a personal trainer, they advised to do a brief warm up, say, 5mnutes on the bike or treadmill. Then do weights or strength training, then cardio.

The thought process behind this is that apparently you need to burn off the sugar in your system before you start burning fat. They said it takes about 5 mins of strength training to do this, whereas it takes about 30 mins of cardio. So it's more effective to burn the sugar off then do the cardio as you'll burn fat more quickly!



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thanks Alan, sorry I wasn't on the site in months. I have a foot injury but I have started to do Kettlebells and Pilates online so hopefully I will start to see a difference. I had a Personal Trainer 2 years ago and she said the same. So when I go back to the gym Monday, I will do weights and a bit of cardio and see does it make a difference :)

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