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Started lighter life last monday weigh in in an hour and half !! x ps im new ! x

Hi and welcome, and :whoopass: for eating toast! :D ;)

If anything will keep you from ketosis, carbs will. If ever there was a high carb food, it is bread. So.....it may delay your ketosis.

It is not the end of the world thugh - jst try not to give in to that sort of thing, or you will end up spinning your wheels on this diet; To get the best benefit, you must abstain 100% of the time.

Good luck tonight!! Let us know how you get on! :)


I will do this!
hey Kim and welcome to LL. Come join our september starters thread, we all started this month. I'm on week 3 now and it's got so much easier. The first 4 days are horrid, but they pass. Eating will delay you going into ketosis and feeling better so hold on in there. I'm sure your WI will give you a boost. Good luck
Eating anything isn't good but I'm sure you'll still loose. Just not as much as you would have if you'd abstained completely.

Days 3-5 are usually the worst and are the ones where you really need to stick at it to get into Ketosis. You may have delayed this and dragged out the side effects a bit longer by eating but don't let it put you off. This time next week you'll be wondering why you ever needed food in the first place, have more energy and be in full fat burning mode!

Just don't eat again!!!
hope weigh in goes ok
daisy x
lol if you HAD to eat, you should have had protein, then you won't come out of ketosis :)
lol if you HAD to eat, you should have had protein, then you won't come out of ketosis :)
While the protien thing is somewhat true, there is never any reason you HAVE to eat while you are having LL packs. If you do eat something, it's because you have CHOSEN to, knowing what the consequences are.

Anyway, SlimKim09 how did you get on with your weigh-in?
We all have our moments of weakness and we have all chosen to eat something knowing the consequences which has lead us here..the important point is to not feel guilty, know you have wronged and get back on track :)
I think what Pete means Sasha, that one of the main things we are learning on LL is our relationship with food. Of course we made bad decisions in the past - but this is for many of us, a lifechanging diet - the intent to sort the bad relationship with food once and for all.

This diet can be done without lapsing, and that is so important on an ABSTAINANCE diet. ;) Be suggesting to have a certatin type of food when you lapse, is, well, at a certain level planning to lapse.

When on the packs, there is no need, nutritionally for food. WHen in ketosis, there is no need for food, because you are not physically hungry. So really the best advise is to try and figure out what drove one to eat something - as it is psychological, not physical - and that is the beast that needs taming, not succumbing too. ;)

We all don't lapse on this diet. Myself, and scores of others have managed to maintain zero-lapsing. ANd by doing so, learn amazing tings about ourselves, which is so important to lifelong success.

You are spot on though -if one DOES lapse, dust off and get back on track.

But really, it is better to understand WHY one might lapse, then to try and be prepared to lapse with the "right" kind of food, if you see what I mean.

Hi everyone
I haven't been on for a week so i am enjoying catching up with everyone's news again.
I can understand how had it was on day 4 but I promise you will NEVER be hungry after the first week. As Blonde Logic says it is psychological, foods that we think we want not what we need.
I am now on week5, lost 23.2lb so far so I am very happy with my Weight loss and I am feeling very energetic now, even joined the gym and been 5 times in last 2 weeks (that's a lot for me!).
I could not believe that I have my 4th weigh in on Monday it has gone really quickly and is nowhere near as hard as you think it is going to be but like everything else with us it is all in the head!
I would recommend coming on the site regularly, i was quite down on week 2 when I only lost 1.5lb but everyone on here really cheered me up and gave me inspiration to carry on.
So chin up and just go for it from now on it does work and does quickly get a lot easier.
LOL Millixx

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