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Started Refeed Today!!! Any Tips On Maintainance?

After 10 weeks on Lipotrim, i started refeeding today.

What a scary experience!!!

I felt guilty putting the chicken in my mouth, thinking will i now gain a pound from doing it!!! Have to say, i felt extremely full afterwards and hope this continues. I dread getting the hunger pains back and the start of the binge trail, but guess i'll have to fight the feeling if it happens.

Anyone else on maintenance who could give me some advice over the coming days?
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Hiya Kelly 7,

I started refeed on saturday and have never felt so guilty in my life by monday night i had convinced myself i was putting weight on convinced myself that i could feel it going on by the second really started to panick !!!! I asked people for advise and the best peice was keep the carbs to a bere minimum pasta,rice,pots try not to eat them, i go for a weigh in today so we will see if any weight on i hope not fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think the best piece of advice would be to follow the refeed plan to the letter and am sure you will do grand. Some people even lose on their refeed week. Let us know how its going - roll on my time to refeed once am at target!X


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Hey Kelley, u have described exactly how worried i am about refeed. I can imagine the guilt as soon as you put something in your mouth! I think pineapple is totally riht..just follow the refeed plan strictly and hide from too many carbs. Im dreading that as i am not really a fruit and veg eater and hate salad. I live on chicken and rice usually!

Let us know how you get on guys xxx


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That makes total sense Fi i was going to do the same but i think it would be really hard! Hard enough to maintain without having to lose a stone. I know what you mean though, you need to find your healthy eating balance xxx
Hiya ,

Been on refeed since saturday and ive still lost 2lb yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going on holiday on sat for 2 weeks but as soon as i get back im stright back on it I want to be thin for summer !!!!!lol lol !!!!!


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Wow, thats fab losing 2 lbs and it was not evena full week! Have a brill holiday - you deserve it. I am sure the rest of your goal will be met once you return and are back on the shakes.x
Thanks Pineapple,

That means alot and yes i will be 11 st by the summer if it kills me hahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!
Its true tho and yes you will easily be 11stone by summer, no probs. Where you going on hol? Fine, I bet you canna wait. x
Well done baby that is great, you deserve a great holiday xxx

Im off to the dominican republic on sat morning and yeh i cant wait to get away from this nasty wheather . thanks girls for the support x
Thank you all for your support

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has given valuable advise.

Day 3 and seems to be going quite well, however i did eat carrots without realising i shouldn't be eating them yet, but hopefully this won't affect my weight too much.

After all my hard work, i really want it to work this time, especially as its my second time round on lipotrim.

Good luck to you all on your forthcoming weigh ins.

I'll keep you posted

k x
Aww well done kelley, keep it up hun xxx

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