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started today 8 july


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I am starting today, i havent done cambridge before.I met my cambridge c yesterday she seems nice. I got a variety of food packs so could taste them all.

I have got a bar for each day this week, i was told after i got them it was not recommende i take them in the first two weeks, so it would be great to hear from anybody whom took bars from the start ,did this affect your weight loss.

Just going to make porridge then off to work, on a 11 to 9 shift today.

First weigh in on tues which will be day 6.
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Welcome & good luck!!

As far as I`m aware, You shouldn`t have the bars until your third week. Personally, Even after then I couldn`t take them as they severely affect my losses and I`m not a big loser anyway.

Keep glugging the water and it`ll really help Xxx


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just popping on your thread to wish you good luck x


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good luck with day 1!!
good luck with day 1! today is my first day too, finding ti okay so far, not hungry yet but its only lunch time!
Good Luck with the plan ... I'm on day 2 and enjoying it so far. Taking one day at a time ... :)
good luck, this is my first time on CD and am still amazed that I've made it to week 5! Keep a bottle or pint of water next to you at all times, break the day down into achieving each hour to start with and remember why you want to do this.

Use the board as a resource to read up on success stories and how others are doing and join in on the challenges.
update day 1

Thanks everyone for the support. well survived day one wasnt too bad. I had porridge a bar and a soup today. i broke the bar and made it two meals same with the soup had half the sachet then the other half later. managed to drink 3 litres of water so far still sipping away. since i have the bars will just continue them for this week and wont get any for next week. i hope this doesnt affect my weightloss too much since there not even that nice i prefered the soup. so far i have tried the cinnamon apple poridge which was ok ,the choc flav bar didnt like it but was edible, chilli soup is my fav so far liked it.how are the rest of you newbies findint the diet and the products....


will try harder !!
hi, I only bought the ready made tetras for ease in week one, buut am craving savoury so am gonna try the leek and potato soup when I get weighed tomorrow - first one, bit nervous

good luck on your journey................xxx
Thanks bling and chris.
kaski goodluck for ur weigh in today, keep us posted on how you get on. this may be a silly question but what are tetras ? (i also seen tetras coming up when i read some diaries)...:sigh:

Anyway day two today just going to sip away at the water, still deciding what to have today think i will try a shake today. i feel ok today, actually feel thirsty even though drank 3 litres plus yesterday. well here goes day 2:D.....


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Hi, Just wanted to say good luck for day 2!!! I'm on day 4 and i've had a splitting headache each day so far!! Hoping it gets easier....
Thanks Sam im sure it will get easier when the body gets used to it. Painkillers should help the headaches hope you have a good day....


will try harder !!
Hi The tetras are ready made shakes in little cartons, with straws - so much easier if your out and about. They only come in choc, strawberry and banana though - so I've found myself craving savoury. But saying that they are thick and creamy and the best bit - no lumps !!! or is it just me that makes powdered shakes like that hehe


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Hi Tahira,
Congrats on surviving your fist day- it's only gets easier from here on in, I promise! It sounds to me like you are really up for it and you'll be really succesful. It really helped me to buddy up with people who started on the same day/week as me, so why not start a little group or something?

The headaches, hunger and pangs will all pass soon- stick with it!

Thanks Kazki ive got some of the tetras but havent tried them yet, probally have one today.Thanks for the advice letty.

so yesterday was day 2 which went ok tummy was rumbling most of the day. I had a bar the orange one which was nicer than choc one. i had cappacino shake which i liked and had leek potato soup which was ok.so far the only thing i really dont like is the choc bar.managed to drink over 3 litres of water.i am proud of myself went to gym yesterday too, i didnt do my normal spin class since i was told not recommended in first two weeks .so just dome some light cardio and weights at a slower pace as usual.

So day 3 here i come just sipping on some water thinking what to have today.

hope everyone getting on good...
well done on getting to day 3, i'm on 4 now, and the headaches were awful, but today i've not got one, so with a bit of good luck just the weight loss to come.............xxx