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Started today.


I am just introducing myself.
I got the book today and am still reading it, however I decided to just jump straight in and get started today. I haven't got the oatbran that the book mentions...is this available in supermarkets? I

I have 4 children 9yrs, 7yrs, 16mth, 5wks, as you can imagine things are hectic here and I am somewhat sleep deprived which I am going to find a challenge as I usually pig out of sugary snacks to give me a boost during the day. The older two are also on school holidays so we have a few more junk snacks in than usual and seem to be making extra trips to the sweet shop!!! I have done well resisiting both mars bars and donuts today:p

Today I have eaten a 3 egg omlette, 2 chicken breasts and a huuuuge steak, smothered with garlic:) Does this seem ok for my first day on attack?? I am absolutely stuffed tbh. I have also managed to drink 4 glasses of water and 2 of coke, equaling 3pts in total and a few cups of tea I NEVER usually drink water so am quite proud of myself for that.

I have developed a banging headache, but I have read this can be a side effect from the diet, I just hope it is short lived:(

I look forward to chatting and learning from you all xx
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I only started last week and ive just finished day 5 of attack and im still happy to go on a couple more days so im going to do 7 before going onto cruise I will then do 4 attack /4 cruise as that seems popular ..
Ive always wanted results fast but have decided to be sensible now
I have 3 children one is 10 on Wednesday ,one 7 and one 4 I also have one angel ..so its busy here too ..Ive stopped buying in the snacks for them its suprising how kids tastes change when the option is rice cakes fruit or prawns lol

If your happy and full then thats a good sign I am a pig and ive not yet had a hunger attack I had a headache on day two try drinking a little bit more water that may help ....
Have a read of the daily menus at the top they will help
I got my oatbran and wheat bran from the health food shop but I know some people have got it from Tesco or Sainsburys .
Good luck and look forward to chatting to you


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Hi I started yesterday, though was practicing a bit the week before as I didnt have the book or the bran, I got mine off ebay as my supermarket didnt have it, but you can get it in larger tescos I think, in the health food section. I also have 3 children aged 15,11 and 5 plus an angel who would have been 6. You sound busy especially with a new baby too. Make sure you eat enough and drink loads of water
Good luck with it xx


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Hello and welcome,

You didn't mention how heavy you are and how much you'd like to lose.

Are you sure with a five week old that this diet is for you?

Sorry but it's very restrictive and I'm not sure it's totally appropriate (even if you're not breastfeeding)...
I'm relatively new myself (almost 2 weeks in) and still learning. Have the same amount of children as Tan and Cathy too!

You'll still be losing excess water weight from your pregnancy, so you need to drink loads to flush that out anyway!

Good luck and make sure you keep your energy levels up!


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welcome. yes as Jo says read the chapter on pregnancy and after pregnancy.
Morrisons also sell oatbran and its most important to have!
Thank you for you welcome:)

I am 5ft.2in and weighed in at 12st 2lb before starting. My Dukan 'True Weight' is 8st 13lbs I was aiming for about 9st anyway as pre-children I always used to bob about 8st 7oz-9st without any problems/dieting.

I appreciate your thoughts on whether the diet is suitable with a young baby and I understand where you are coming from, however I can't imagine it will do me any more harm than my current 'diet' of biscuits and crisps, as that is basically all I was eating before yesterday:(

I will try and get the oatbran tonight or tomorrow......

I weighed myself today after day 1 and have lost 2lb already, I am desperate to lose as much as possible before the 15th as it is the christening for my baby and tot...and the dress I bought is too tight;)



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Brilliant on the 2lb loss already :D
Can we have piccie of dress :D


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Excellent loss already! And I hear you re current food intake. You sound like MY kinda person!


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oh i love it. well just be good and try and fit some exercise (if you allowed to) in your busy day and im sure you will xxxx be positive


Loves this site!
Hi and welcome. It worries me that you are breast feeding???
If you are then i would say NO to this diet as you will not consume the calories and other nutrients that you or baby need. Also please please please talk to your midwife before embarking as your body may not be able to cope so well. I would also recommend starting backwards in consolidation. If you have been eating junk then this will let you lose weight but still have the few carbs that you will need so soon after having baby. Im pregnant and in conso. Read the book for the pregnancy part and go from there. I really do not think the attack is good for you so soon after. Sorry. I understand the i want to shift this weight feeling but your health must come before that. If your midwife or health visitor understands this diet properly and agrees then great if not id seriously think it through.
Gorgeous dress xx


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Love the dress, but don't have the boobies for it... would suit Jet though...

I wonder how she's doing...
I haven't worn a dress for years, don't think I ever will now, but I like that one (just not on me).

I'm sure you'll fit into it no problem, it takes about 2 months for all the pregnancy water retention to leave your body (apparently) so give it another week or so and you'll be there!


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I lived in "tent" skirts and dresses (elasticated waists!) most of my adolescent and adult life, and indeed acquired my first pair of jeans (second hand, hand me downs from a kind friend!) at the age of 38.

Since then, I've hardly been seen in skirts or dresses...

But I now wear one if it's hot cos they're so much cooler... (and, I admit, that I wear them when I'm feeling BIGGER cos they hide a multitude of sins!)
Laura you will get in a dress. We wil make you :D
I can get into a dress (I even own one - it's about 15 years old but you never know if I need to wear it again - not sure it fits, but is stretchy so probably does, although not as well as it would have done back in the day) but trousers are more my thing :).