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Starting 2 Panic - Tips on how to stayon LT in real life

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Ok i am due to start on Sat

I am now thinking:
- How do I take the shakes to work? I heard you need to drink it within 15mins of making it so taking a pre-made bottle with me aint going to work

- How on earth do you get out of work lunches and overnight away weekends where your colleagues expect u at dinner at the hotel?

I really dont want ppl @ work knowing but dont want the temptation of breaking it.

Please dont reply saying "will power" I want tips not a speech from Trisha :rolleyes:
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rainbow brite

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You might not want a speech from Trisha but unfortunately that's the kind of replies you're going to get. You cannot stay on this diet without willpower...

As for the mixing of shakes - you need to get yourself a shaker. I got mine a few days in (after using a smoothie maker beforehand... gah!! Trying to wash that three times a day was a bloody nightmare) and haven't looked back since. Try this:

Maximuscle Shaker - BodyExchange

You can also buy them at Tesco. You just need to make sure you have your shaker, your sachets, a bottle of water and sweeteners if you need them. Voila - you have shakes on the go :)

The whole work lunches etc is kind of tricky if you don't want anyone to know. You can get away with being 'ill' a few times but it won't fly too often. Unless you come clean people will start to talk and it won't always be good. Trust me - I didn't tell people at work at first and within the first few days rumours were flying followed by me getting dragged into an office and quizzed on anorexia. :rolleyes:

You may find that after a few weeks you feel comfortable enough with what you're doing to tell your colleagues but if not you're going to have to be imaginative and come up with new ideas each time.

If, however, what you're getting at is 'can I eat' then the simple answer is yes. You can eat and technically stay in ketosis if you stick to lean white meat and green and white cooked vegetables. However, bear in mind that this is a slippery slope that has claimed many a LTer. Your weight loss will also stall.

Bit of an essay but hey I'm all jumped up on coffee :p
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My advice is that i think if you hide it and your brain begins to think you are doing something 'sneaky' then it will be all the harder... this is just me tho ifykwim.. If you are visibly overweight then there is no harm in people knowing you are doing something about it and if anyone has anything negative to say have a handy photocopy of the booklet the pharmacy gives you and give it to them.... lipotrim may sound extreme to people in the first instance.. but is in actuality very scientific and monitered unlike the cabbage soup or baby food fad diets i am sure many of your work mates may have tried at one point in their life...
In think avoiding all work associated meals or social outings is in itself a bad idea also.. you will be of the frame of mind that what you are doing means you are left out, de socialised and isolated.. whereas if you are sure to your guns you want to do it and you WILL do it then I think carrying on life as normal is the way to go.. for me anyway.. I do not hide away at family meals, have went to the takeaway for my family and have cooked meals.. beacuse i know i want to do it and i will do it then i will... I dont think willpower is the right word really.. it is physically impossible to avoid being around food, food is everywhere.. it is your mindset that has to change.. the food is there, yes, but you dont WANT it.. not that you CANT have it.. ofcourse you can have it, but in yourself you are so sure that lipotrim is for you you just dont want it.... it is a mental excersise and I think if you feel you have to hide away and deprive yourself and keep secrets then it will be an uphill battle.... this is my experience and how i see it and i know everyone differs... good luck with it..xxx
Hi Alexandra - as someone else has mentioned, the best way to have the shakes away from home is by using a shaker. I have also found that you dont even need to be in an office etc either and have sometimes been on a car journey with my shaker and a bottle of water. I try to stay away from the soups unless I am at home.

I have only just started LT again this week but when I did it for quite some time a few years back, I found that it was helpful to have certain people know about it, I think it helps with your willpower and support network but also stops people putting you in 'eating' situations too. One of the things that I did when I let my colleagues know was to turn any lunch meetings into coffee meetings instead.

I did attend a few functions whilst I was on LT but it was extremely difficult to do, so I would probably recommend avoiding them if you can - obviously finding other ways to catch up with colleagues / friends. Personally I have a weekend away that I have had booked for a while which will be on my 5th week. As I wont have much more weight to go by then, I think that I will refeed and then go back on the diet afterwards - I think the temptation would be too great and I would rather do it in a controlled manner. Obviously this is not going to be an option if you go away regularly.

Personally I prefer not to know or think about certain foods being allowed, one of the things that does spur you on a little is knowing that if you 'cheat' you may come out of ketosis and the weight loss wont be as great.

Anyway - I hope this helps in some way

Good luck



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Well, if you have the will you will find a way....Shaker can be brought from the chemist but cheaper from supermarket as advised, fill with water, when your ready to have it add the shake powder and shake very hard for a few seconds....bobs your uncle and fannys your aunt done! functions can be sorted, tummy upset, not hungry push food around or just come clean....after a few days I started to feel comfortable sitting and drinking the shake whilst other were eating.
Got to be fully committed to this tho.....first its costs a lot of money and it wont work properly if you dont stick to it.

Good luck!!


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And If you're like me Alex living and working and eating and drinking in London then the cost of the shakes should save you money... 2 great reasons to do this diet.. you're health being the main one! well done for making first steps... keep it up! :) Only tip I have for u is dont give in... keep going no matter how hard it gets
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just to add to what everyone else said.. it really is best to sort of tell your work colleagues about LT. at the end of the day sooner or later everyone will be asking why you never eat... and why you disappear to make your magic potion. I think its more to do with the effect it might have on you really because in time you will probably start resenting the fact that you have to have a shake simply because your having to hide!... I felt very awkward at work when I started coZ i worked at a health centre and i had a zillion people telling me that I am trying to kill myself this isnt safe, its madness... but I told them I was doing it.. no ifs and buts!... they soon learnt to accept it and were amazed at how much I was losing. You must remember that this is your life changing diet and you must do it for yourself!... It doesnt matter what the whole world thinks but if it is going to have a positive effect on your life.. then its damn worth it!....

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i just came straight out and told people at work, made a bit of a joke about it and its all good no point in hiding something your doing to help your self in my opinion


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I've been telling anyone who'll listen about LT and it's rules... I figure the more people that know, the more support I'll get and also the harder it will be for me to cheat!
I haven't hidden it from family or friends, and thank goodness 2 of my work colleagues didnt hide it either or I wouldnt have known about lipotrim.
There are now 5 of us in the office on lipotrim. I take my hand held whisk to work with me to mix the shakes, but if I didnt have one the shakers are brilliant.
Good luck.
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I work with the other half too - but he has the opposite problem, he hates food, and when he dont eat he gets ulsers so I take him to get food and make him eat. But he has an 8 pack with mucsles to die for

I told him about this...... I think the person who said it takes away them asking u out to lunch had a good point.... maybe i say im on a detox or something

Going Tesco for shaker!!
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glad you got the shaker - great for work and so easy to clean with hot water from the sink :)

I went mental and told EVERYONE i know that i am doing this diet. I know that i would have quit if i didn't! Because everyone knows people are curious and that keeps me going. Funnily enough i have only had positive reactions! Another department one floor down are all on Slimfast - and one of my close colleagues is on Slimfast so i don't seem that out of the ordinary. Also if people aren't on Slimfast they are on another kind of diet - its diet fever in my workplace!
At the end of the day - I think the benefits I am already starting to see far outweigh anyone can say and think. Besides, you are doing it for you, and anyone else has no business sticking their noses in!!! I have told a couple of friends at work, and they have been extremely supportive and stopped me falling off the wagon a couple of times! One trick - don't watch adverts on TV - channel hop until they have finished! That is the hardest time as there are plenty of food adverts on there that make it difficult to keep your mind off food.

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