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starting 3 jan



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Harriet , good luck for 3rd Jan .

Best of luck with your journey. As has been said previously, water, water water, i found it great in the first few days when i had real hunger before my body went into ketosis, it really becomes habit then to have that much per day.

I have really spent most of my time out of the kitchen and have become a lot more active, helps keep my mind off food :)

It isnt an easy diet but then not many are and once you see those great losses they will spur you on. You can do it.:)

Goodluck you can do it!! like freda said it really is all about water well it is for me I drink about 5.5ltres a day and since I have upped it to that I have lost more!! Let us know how you get on xx

Lil K

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Good luck for the 3rd Harriet - you've come to the right place. Minimins is such a great site and everyone is so supportive, and know what you're going through because they are too!

Just to reiterate what has been said in previous posts - keep on glugging away at the water. I started on 2.5 litres and struggled to get that down. Up until last week I was around 3.5 - 4 litres, I then upped it to 5 litres and dropped 5lb this week (quite unusual for me) so I'm well chuffed. So get that water down you and the pounds will just melt away!
Hiya Harriet, good luck, am starting tomorrow! Like you need the supprt.


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Best of luck Harriet...you will get great support here and lots are starting the diet in January so we can keep each other company!!
How did you get on today Harriet? Going ok I hope!!
hi. ill be getting weighed at 12ish today but ive an idea of what i weigh already after going to the gym yesterday for a new induction and the bloke weighed me then..shock horror lol i think i will, as a lot of people seem to, update this every week with each weigh-in which will hopefully be a good incentive to me..hopefully!!!:)
well i got weighed and there wasnt too much of a surprise other than that the pharmacists scales weighed 3lb heavier...

she said this is the first time shes had anyone do the programme so no pressure there then, but having had one shake and survived it, it seems ok so heres hoping...
hi everyone ..a quick question.. yesterday i set myself a goal to drink 4 ltrs of water which i did (and spent half the night getting up to pee!) plus one cup of hot water and a cup of red bush tea (which incidently is fine, the chemist checked which i was pleased about cause its the only type of tea i drink)

is this too much water?

im sat here now at work with three warm cups of water lined up in front of me equalling a litre and wondering how much is too much to drink :)

4 litres is fine. I usually aim for 4 litres plus a few black coffees, but I do try to drink it all before about 8pm so i'm not up all night. Your body does get used to so much water and you can go slightly less frequently.

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