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Starting Afresh - My new food diary..

23/10/2010 - Niece's 2nd birthday ...

Breakfast - French toast {after being picked up on something I didn't realise this cost me 7.5 syns as I had weight watchers malted danish, always thought 3 of these was a HexB but it's not arghh} with strawberries and some melon. Coffee {milk now from allowance)

Lunch - Cheese, leek & ham pasta n sauce {1 syn milk now taken from HexA allowance of 250 semi skimmed..} Apple & Pear

Dinner - Gammon, egg & chips

Snacks - hoping to just reach for the fruit, will update this later :)

Total syns so far = 8.5
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Ok so i'm terrible with doing my food diaries but must do it more so here goes


Breakfast/Lunch - Meat free sausage x 2 - {2 syns}, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomato and beans

Dinner - SW KFC chicken with chips, corn on the cob, lettuce, tomato and coleslaw {50g 3.5syns}

Snack - Apple and a Banana , half packet snack a jacks {3 syns}, yoghurt 250ml semi skimmed milk HexA, 1 x Caxton pink n white {2.5 syns} 1/4 melon and pineapple

total syns for today is: 11
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Just wondering if you feel full with the amount of food you are eating? Might suggest to add a yogurt or something else as a snack.

Well done on your total loss so far!
I am totally stuffed today, lol .. this is quite a big eating day for me to be honest as over the last few days I havent been well so not eating much at all.

I've just eaten a yoghurt :)
So still feeling under the weather but soldiering on, today I am going for GREEN plan, going to do continuous update as my day pans out :)

Breakfast: Eggs, mushroom & tomatoes on 2 wholemeal toast {HeXB1 taken}
Yoghurt and Pineapple {1 syns for low fat marg on my toast}


Dinner: Heaps of SW chips with homemade curry sauce {not allowing the take away devil in after tonight's weigh in}

Snack: 1 x pink n white {2.5syns}, 1 banana, 1 Apple, Another yoghurt, Hifi bar {2nd HexB} 250ml semi skimmed milk {HexA1 taken} Cheese sandwich - 28g cheese {HexA2} 2 slices of wholemeal bread {6syns} 1 syn for low fat margarine

total syns today = 10.5
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So today I am trying something new from this months slimming world magazine for dinner, hope it turns out ok ..

I have been busy pottering in the kitchen this morning making a speed soup and having a clear up so haven't had breakfast, will try eat a big lunch, will update when I have decided on what to eat then

Lunch: Ham, Lettuce & RF Coleslaw {2syns} Sandwich HexB taken{1syn for LF marg} Spicy Curry pot noodle mugshot with pineapple added

Dinner: Beef & Mushroom Cannelloni {3 syns} lettuce & tomato
Pudding: Raspberry Jelly with Raspberries and Mullerlight {1syn}

Snack , 1x Pink n White {2.5 syns} Coffee made with 250ml semi skimmed milk HexA taken, 1 x potato made into crisps and fresh pineapple

Total syns: 9.5
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Today I am going GREEN

2x HXA
2x HXB

Breakfast: 2x Toast topped with Egg, mushrooms & tomatoes 1x cup of coffee {0.5 syn for splash of milk}

Lunch: Spicy curry pot noodle with pineapple stirred through, Jacket potato with cheese {28g} and tomato topping and lettuce

Dinner: 2 x Meat free sausage {2 syns} eggs, chips & beans
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