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starting attack on wednesday - advice please

Hello everyone, as I have mentioned before I ordered the Dukkan book several weeks ago and I have still not received it yet..I am planning to start cruise on Wednesday and I am just checking about PV days. The only change to my diet is the fact that I can have 2 tablespoons of oatbran instead of 1.5 and we are allowed to eat vegetables that are on the allowed list in the ratio of 2/3 protein and 1/3 veg...is everything else the same on cruise as in attack except these small changes?

Thanks for your help
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have you decided which pattern you are going to follow ...ie pv/pp days


** Chief WITCH **
I'm confused but I think that you mean you're starting Cruise on Wednesday and not attack!

As above yes (except with your dairy being higher than "fat free", I'd not go for the full kilo if you find your weight loss slows). Further down the line, we can talk about tolerated items (in Cruise, there are a few additions you can have to help alleviate boredom, but we're not there yet. Also, because of where you are, your yoghurts would already probably be considered "tolerated items".)

Good luck!
i just read my own topic title and meant to say cruise!! thank you so much for your advice..im trying to limit my yoghurt already to 250 ml because its not 100% fat free and doing good so far :D


** Chief WITCH **
So I see ;)

Well done!


Talks alotttt! :)
Hi Sarah, Only just managed to get round to replying. Hows it going? I live near big asda (I presume youve only just moved out there?) If not its more towards south shore :) Was in layton the other night for a gig at the institute! x
ahhhh natty i used to live near stanley park and victoria hospital! i miss Asda and Tesco for shopping so much, I spend hours in there =) Been living here over a year now...still get really home sick but Im learning to cope! ahhh the Institute =) brings back memories for me! I cant wait to be back in August


Talks alotttt! :)
Yeah I have a good old stroll round tesco when I'm bored. Do you like it over there? and what are you doing as a job? How old are you if you don't mind me asking. I'm 21 :D x
ahhh...Im 22 =) what school did you go to? I went to Bispham (Greenlands) ... its a small world! I work here as an English teacher and love it..its stressful at times but really worth it! I live here with my boyfriend! We will have to meet up when I come back for dinner (dukkan friendly of course) =) how long have you been on the diet?

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