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Simple Solutions Starting "Exante Simple Solutions"

Is there anyone out there who is also doing "Simple Solutions" or is just about to start?

It is all new to me. I haven't dieted since my mid 20's (Cambridge Diet) so am very rusty when it comes to calories etc.

Have just joined today to try and find others that may be on this 1,200 calorie version of the Exante diet :wavey:
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:wavey:Hi Joanne - thanks for your welcome :)
Oh, Hello! It's you!! ha ha.
No, I forgot that I ordered it late on Friday night, so I am guessing it will arrive in the post tomorrow (Tuesday). I really want to get started on it, but I feel very daunted by all this bloomin' calorie counting!! :rolleyes: :doh: It will be a steep learning curve, that's for sure! I think I will have to buy some kind of calorie-counting book.

How's the running coming along? Wouldn't have fancied running here today ...freezing cold, rain, sleet and slushy hail :raincloud::raincloud::gen125: Yuk!

I love the emoticon thingies on here. I am on another site (not a diet site), and they are nowhere near as fun as these ones!! :party0011::party0011:

And now for the bad news...I have more to lose than I first thought! I seem to have been putting on weight by the day, these past couple of weeks!! :sigh:
...Well, I can't really figure out my exact weight as it seems to vary by more than 4lbs over 24 hours! Had no idea it varied that much! I know you should only probably weigh yourself first thing in the morning, in your birthday suit, and only once a week, but I have just purchased my first pair of scales so I have been leaping on and off them at different times of the day and they are radically different each time! I figured I needed to test them to see if they were reading true, so got weighed today at the dr's, then went to Boots and got on their weighing scales. The Boots scales and mine read EXACTLY the same weight, so I am happy (or not!) that they are accurate. (the dr's one was 2lbs lighter!)

I think I will have my start weight as my weight tomorrow morning on my scales. It will probably be between 11 stone 8lbs and 11 stone 12lbs depending on how much weight I have lost overnight!! :scale:

I would like to try and get down to 10.5 stone, if I can stick it out. Have a huge amount of stress and worry in my life at the moment, so am not sure about my sticking power, but I know I will feel happier if I can feel a bit less podgy and stodgy.

... Your message has now disappeared so I can't read it whilst writing this, but thankyou for the website link. I will look at that. xx
Wow! 9 miles eh! I started running years ago (before my illness) and loved it! I was living on the Isle of Skye at the time, and my route was down a deserted road, surrounded by sea and mountains! I will never forget those runs!

...I wanted to see if I enjoyed the taste of the diet before buying a month's worth, so I just got the 1 week variety pack. Am a bit worried about the banana milkshake! ha ha. I like bananas, but am not sure about banana milkshake!
Do you know that your ticker-thingy doesn't read the same as your Weight to Lose? One says 15lb and the other says 21lb.
Yeah...you certainly will be losing inches if you are running that far!

I think the wild fluctuations on the scales were a good thing to realise, cause I won't be too worried if I put on 4lbs over a day!! ha ha! Have just had a look at that calorie site - thanks. Put in a kiwi and it came up with the cals instantly! Didn't have as much luck with potatos though. I made a chicken stew today and am trying to figure out the calories in it xx
1lb potato = 400 calories
Yes...took me ages to get the calories for those potatoes!! :rolleyes:

My diet finally came today so I will begin tomorrow. It would be a lot less worrying if I could have just done the Total Solutions, but I think in the long run, this will be a good learning experience for me....I nearly had a fit today when I saw the calories in evapourated milk!! I like cream in my coffee, but cream goes off too quickly so I buy evapourated milk instead. The calories were horrendous!!! :eek:

To calorie count accurately, do you think you need diet scales?

I had a little plastic pair of dieting scales many moons ago, but never used them so they got thrown out. I don't really want to have to buy diet scales...the bathroom scales that I have just bought were £27!!! plus this Exante diet is going to be expensive with the added food, AND I am going to have to get some kind of calorie book too.

Oh, maybe the banana milkshakes will be ok afterall then :) :devilangel:
I would say that with calorie counting you probably do need food scales. I remember in WW classes that we would all be waaaayyyy off if the leader asked us to guess how many points were in various things. Most people under-estimate and end up eating too much but some also over-estimate cals so you wouldn't want to be short changing yourself either! You can pick food scales up for under a tenner these days from most big supermarkets :)

Good luck with it - will be interested to hear how SS goes for you :)
Hi Scotsminx - thanks for that. I do have ordinary kitchen scales, but I am guessing they wouldn't be accurate enough..they're not digital ones either. Will have a look at diet scales then. Thanks. Thanks for the good wishes too xx
Yippee! Got one of those ticker thingies now! :party0011::party0011:

Now I have GOT to lose some weight, as it's there for all to see!!! :d'oh: :cross:

Well, an awful lot has happened in a very short time! I "officially" started the diet last Wed, but had 2 days of migraine, so that wasn't a great start. Then I registered with this site, but I now realise I am the ONLY one on here that was going to do the Exante 1,200 calorie diet. Apart from your good self, I felt I was rattling around on my own every time I came on, and really felt I needed more support, as dieting is completely new territory for me. I was also realising that it was going to be a struggle for me to be on the Exante soups, shakes and bars for 2 months, as I am not too keen on them especially given the cold weather conditions up here in Arctic Scotland!

So, to cut a long story short, I spent a long time searching around the internet for different ways of cutting back the calories, and ended up on the site. They had a free 7 day trial, which I did, and I was very impressed. Almost EVERYBODY is losing weight at a good rate on that site, and there is a lot of support...there are even quite a few people that are in the same boat as me...ie. wanting to lose weight but suffering from M.E. and so are unable to exercise. They are still losing weight!

Have spent the past 3 days on that site looking around and have been very impressed, so much so, that I have now decided to NOT carry on with the Exante diet, (i only ordered 1 week's worth anyway). I am instead, going to follow bootdiet's recommendation of 1,400 cals a day and have reduced my estimated weight loss from 2lbs a week to 1.5lbs a week. It will basically add about another 2.5 weeks onto my goal date, but that's ok. I have been so inspired by it, that I am now thinking that I am going to dedicate myself to learning about how to eat healthily, and try my best to make it a lifetime plan, rather than just a diet. It is a steep learning curve for a gal that has always stuffed anything and everthing into her mouth, but I think it's somthing I need to do, and there is a possibility that it may even help my migraines and M.E.!

I will keep this thread running for the time being...am dying to get to use that wee Ticker thingy!! :happy036: but I will be spending most of my time on the boots site, as I am learning as I go along (they have food diaries that you have to fill in etc).

How are you doing?
How's the running?

That site may be helpful for you, because you are not really on any particular diet just now are you? If I am correct, you are just eating healthily and using exercise as a means to drop lbs? You can register all your exercise on and it turns it into calories burned. It's really interesting! I can't exercise as such, but I can add housework, going up the stairs etc and it takes off the calories for me (be they not very many! :rolleyes:)

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Hi Joanne
Thanks....have lost over 3lbs in a fortnight so am a happy bunny :wee:

Good luck to you too :thankyou:

4.5lbs now lost in 3 weeks with the help of bootsdiets.com :party0011::party0011::party0011:
I started doing Simple Solution on Saturday (looks like it's only me then!). I chose it over the other plans, mainly because I was a bit concerned at dropping to so few calories for a bloke my size. My recommended daily allowance is around 2200kcal and I don't think I could manage on 600kcal a day!

It's going alright so far, I'm having around 400-500kcal of my allowance in a healthy evening meal with apples as a snack during the day. The scales are showing a drop but I'm not calling it 'official' until I weigh myself again next Saturday!

Problem for me is working out calorie values of basic foods, I've googled for most of them but could use a good calorie counting book if there's one out there?
Why don't you download MyFitnessPal on your iPhone (if you have one) or google it online? It is a huge database of foods and their nutritional information including of course calories. I used to use it all the time. :D

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