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starting from now!


Im 22 years old and weight about 16.5stone. in the last 2 years ive lost about 2 stone.

but ive had the weight of 16.5 stone for about a year or so now and i really need to shift some more of it.

ive been 'good' for about a week so far, trying to eat less than 1500 calories a day without being obsessive! trying not to snack between meals, keep the carbs low and control my meal portions! easier said that done!

ive also started zumba once a week, im going to try and increase to twice a week but quite skint at the mo!

i have a wii fit and im trying to do 20mins ish every day, though so far its been every other day.

im sure this is quite boring so i dont expect people to read, but its a good diary for myself :)

also, bit off topic, but i quit smoking about 5 weeks ago which is making everything slightly harder!
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lol! went on wiifit and apparently ive put on 2lbs!

cant be right! had just had a big bowl of soup and some pepsi max though!

slightly disheartening, but ive been having average of 1100 calories per day this week!

so far today ive eaten a big bowl of chicken soup with noodles in and an omlette with smoked salmon and some tomatoes and cucumber!
Hello and welcome :)

I have a lot of weight to lose (still :rolleyes:) but am doing the same as you are. Eating healthier, giving up a lot of my fave food and exercising.

I am too shy to go to a zumba class, no self confidence!..but last week i bought some zumba dvd's..and have been happily zumba'ing in the privacy of my own home :D

Good luck, keep posting, when is your official weigh in?

also well done on quitting smoking, that takes a lot of wilpower too, so I'm very impressed, dieting and no smoking....good for you!
Keep up the good work, your results will show! Don't give up!! Just think of the lovely new you and how much better you will feel when your excess weight has gone!!
Seriously tho you don't want to be like me also overweight all my life and now after losing 22lbs so far weigh in at 19st10lbs x keep going I will check back and see how you do x
Thanks! There's no need to be self conscious at zumba! All shapes and sizes and I'm about as coordinates as a hippo on steroids! Go with a friend it's a proper laugh!
I've just bought zumba for wii so that will be good for the other days!

Went to my friends this eve and had all naughty snacky food like chicken goujons sweets and biscuits !

Oh well tomorrow is a new day :)

Just going for a walk to enjoy this warm weather! Feel like I'm on holiday!!
Have a good day, a nice long walk will take care of your wee goodies last night :)..and you are right, today is a brand new day!

After many many days of sunshine, we've got rain up here today :(
Good luck for a successful day ahead!

been really busy today, had a bridal shower for a friend been a bit hectic!

had a bagel with smoked salmon for lunch and a bowl of chicken soup!

had one chocolate krispie, and a vegetarian sausage at the shower!

and for dinner i think im going to make chicken curry, chicken breast in a bought sauce.

might try and go for a walk this evening!

edit: went for a walk! was nice, leg hurt for some reason, but was wearing bad shoes so that was probably why! havent eaten anything since curry and rice! starving!
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Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Hi lovely,

I'm in a similar situation to you - started my journey at 18 stone 11, managed (over time) to get down to 16 stone 8- 10... Always fluctuating never changing! Grr!

Switched diets and had a proper sweep of crap stuff / more water/ more greens and last week I reached 16.04 - my lowest weight in years and years and years! I now feel like I *will* get under 16 :)

Wishing you lots of luck - you can do it!!! Look forward to hearing about your progress xx

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
P.s I love zumba!! And never ever EVER trust wii fit weigh ins!

My personal fave is on 'fat days' I move the rug for a '7lb' loss! Lol xx
P.s I love zumba!! And never ever EVER trust wii fit weigh ins!

My personal fave is on 'fat days' I move the rug for a '7lb' loss! Lol xx
hahahahhaaha brilliant!

i try and do it on wooden floor so its the same always.

im trying not to obsess too much over a 'diet' and just go with the flow try and eat low healthy calories, and exercise regularly, and hopefully my waist bands will get looser :)

edit: lunch was a smoked salmon sandwich, and a chocolate krispie! not great :(

but did do 15 min on wiifit!
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Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
you can have a treat now and again hun, don't beat yourself up!!! xx
you can have a treat now and again hun, don't beat yourself up!!! xx
thanks, not too worried. going to parents for dinner tonight and making salmon , so will have that with veg.

my mum also makes low low calorie cheesecake made out of 0% fat natural yogurt.

to be honest my lunch was about 400 calories and dinner will probs be aboutt 600 so its really not bad. will also go for a walk tonight if its not raining!!


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hey hunni, well done on giving up smoking and starting to change your eating habbits, remember it takes time to get use to it.
I also dont trust wii fit weigh ins i weighed in once and then moved the board across the floor (same floor) about 8 inches and i had gained two pound lol i use my trustee scales. Have you tried zumba on it yet? i bought it too and am going to have a go tonight eek lol.
anyway good luck and i look forward to speaking to you more
Thanks! Haven't been on zumba wii yet as only ordered it on Saturday? It should come tomorrow!

Have just eaten a tin of mandarin segment s in juice but done another 10 min on wii fit!

Will try and go for another walk tonight while the weather is still warm, though likely it's going to start to pee down!

I'm struggling not to snack between meals especially when I'm bored!

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
g'wan girl!!!! :bunnydance:
well i did 30 mins on wii, and want to go for a walk but hubby has hurt his ankle at football so i dont think we are :(

for dinner was a bit naughty, had salmon grilled and new potatoes with salad and my mum made this vegetarian strudel with aubergine spinach and mushrooms in...only had a really small slice though so wasnt so bad!

im bloody ravenous now! i find snacking at night and in the afternoon sooo hard!

oh and im going to make a vegetable soup tomorrow, just an easy one, carrots onions celery and lentils! yum!


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Low cal cheesecake, aubergine strudel...would your mum like to post her recipes on here?! Just reading the names makes me hungry! :)
boggins said:
Low cal cheesecake, aubergine strudel...would your mum like to post her recipes on here?! Just reading the names makes me hungry! :)
The cheesecake I think she uses 0% fat natural yogurt And like sieves it over night till the liquids all out and theres just sort of a cream cheese left, then I think she mixes it with a little bit of sugar and a couple of eggs and makes a base out of biscuit but half amount of butter that should be used.

It's a bit of an experiment to be honest but it tastes like normal cheesecake without the fat.
last night ate watermelon. was delicious!

i think the strudel was made with shortcrust pastry, and in a pan she fried together aubergine, spinach mushrooms and some veg stock then put it in the middle of the shortcrust pastry and in the oven?! theyre not recipes theyre kinda of spur of the moment made up recipes!

woke up late today, 12.50 and had work at 1.30!!! went mad at hubby for not waking me up,so i didnt eat breakfast, lunch or go on wiifit!

zumba came for the wii so will have a go now!

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