Starting on Saturday... Anyone want a buddy?

Discussion in 'Diet Chef' started by dreamings, 28 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. dreamings

    dreamings Full Member

    Hi all, after a 3 1/2ish stone success on weight watchers followed by significant failure I'm now heavier than I've ever been (boo- info not up to date!!).

    i think diet chef will work for me as it takes away some of my choice while still letting me eat. Signed up to the 3 month plan so got to get used to it.

    Food is here, lunches look the best to be honest.

    I'm starting on Saturday due to a pre planned day out tomorrow so any and all support is appreciated!
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  3. bubbles No.2

    bubbles No.2 Full Member

    Hi there, I'm Bubbles No. 2 I'm a newbie too. Don't worry I'm sure loads of people have lost weight and put it back on again.
    I know cos I'm one of them. The thing is to keep trying and I'm sure we can slowly get there.
    Don't know about diet chef but hey, give it a go. I've tried just about every diet going and have found the slimming world diet to suit me, cos I love my food. I started last year and lost 18kg but I stopped in April 2014 after various problems, mostly economic, and put it all back on.
    Anyway, I said enough, no good feeling sorry formyself and using it as an excuse to eat. I'm getting older and if I don't do anything now I will have problems with my health and my legs.

    So started again on Monday, but will do it from home since I know what to do and have found a lot of support from other members I have just met.

    So back to you have a go and see if it suits you and if not try something else until you find something you like. When you fall down you just have to get back up again.

    Let me know how you get on!
  4. Debz1809

    Debz1809 I ♥ SW!

    Hi there, i am starting this morning on something similar to you. It is called My Diet Loss (all about w8) It is meal replacement packs and shakes, It this what you are on?? I am looking for a wee buddy to help xx

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