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Starting sns tomorrow Huge amount of weigh to lose!


yummy mummy in the making
Well ive decided to try alim n save again starting tomorrow, i did it about 5 yrs ago and had some good results but gave up after a bad weekend away, anyway just weighed myself and im 22st 2 lbs! gutted but im so determined i know i will have a good loss the first week and that will spur me on, im 5ft 10 so ideally for my height i have about 11st to lose, but taking it one day at a time. will get around to making a blog too as i think that will help me x:wave_cry:
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yummy mummy in the making
So 2 shakes down and 3 pints of water down feeling really good it hungry but I know it's early days! I don't work arm I have a 7 month old who I spend all at home with,I have myself in a rut atm I don't go out unless completely necessary so my sim this week is to get out the front door!!! I'm also cold as hell!!!


yummy mummy in the making
Day one was fine not hungry at all just a cold feeling, day 2 has been another good one not as much water today so I need to keep on top of that, I know I shouldn't but I weighed myself this evening and scales are showing a -7 loss already! Won't weigh again now until my official Monday weigh in as I don't want to jinx things, had a lovely 2 hr walk today with the girls, slow paced but managed to get out and get fresh air and I've been a lot happier today! He's to day 3!!
It sounds like you have your hands quite full with your little one and I too tend not to go out as much as what I would like to. I always get invited to work parties and doo's but i always decline the invitation and make up some stupid made-up reason of why I can't go. I make up that I have to go visit family or friends as an excuse.
I need to get myself into better shape so that I can go out and feel confident around others because at the moment I feel like a frumpy old woman. lol


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Hey Lancs girl. I think I remember you. :D


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Hi Lancs Girl,

I'm not sure where you are in Lancs, but KateR is in your area. Like you she's tall (5'9 - I think) and she recently wrote on her dusty that she has gained so much weight that her BMI is near 40. I know she's ordered a diet program and has sought support through her GP. I think the two of you might make good diet buddies - as you have similar amounts to lose and live in the same region. She is hoping to do a 90 day focused plan, go on holiday (fortunately she doesn't gain on holiday) and then come back and focus again. She is hoping to start ASAP - she is waiting on her diet plan. You could visit her diary and introduce yourself.

Good luck - as you know from before the first few days are the hardest. Once you're past those and in ketosis it gets easier (as long as you stick to it - once your carb consume you go withdrawals all over again . . . at least I do).

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