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Starting soon

I have ordered a weeks worth of food, wanted to suss out the flavours I like first. Will be using this site as my main support source as I'm not really telling friends/family as I know they'll try talking me out of it. I've tried calorie counting but get stuck in the binge/self loathing cycle, I need the decision of food taken away for a while! So here goes
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This diet is great, when are you planning on starting? It's a good idea to try the flavours out before you start, as what some people love, others loathe. I try and think of the packs like a prescription, not food, as it makes me drink them even if it's a flavour i'm not keen on - i just take it to keep me healthy and make me slimmer!
I try and think of the packs like a prescription, not food
i'm similar, no point looking forward to it as a meal you're going to get a lot of pleasure out of. Just look at it as a functional thing to get you to where you want to be.
I'm planning to start Tuesday as my delivery is due Monday. I wanted to start at the weekend so i'd maybe feel better for work Monday but they only deliver working days. I would wait until next weekend but want to get started on it!

Oh yes i'll be looking at it as a prescription I think that is a good idea, I suppose it's the kind of relationship I eventually want to have with food, i.e just a means of surviving, not to make me happy or use as a stress reliever!
day 1 has arrived, i've started the day with good intentions, I didn't do any housework yesterday with the idea i'd do it this evening to keep me busy! I think the house is going to be cleaner and tidier than its ever been whilst on my on this diet!
Hi emmalugs, I too have started today! very excited - hopefully a stone or two gone for Christmas! Good luck - I hope u stay busy tonight! :)

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Good luck with the weight loss!
Hi Emma, hope it's all going well. Good luck xx
It's going so well thanks! Much easier than I thought. Not really hungry now and headaches gone. OH being really helpfull eating dinner in kitchen etc being quite strict with me too!
Glad it's going well.

Makes it so much easier when you have a supportive OH. If you read my diary you know what I mean :p
Drink loads of water. I read on here someone posted 'the more you drink the more you shrink' and it has stuck in my head lol.

I'm working a long day tomorrow so I'll catch up with you Sunday xx
Hi, I'm starting today so glad to hear you're finding it easier than you thought you would.

It's strange but I feel so excited about this diet - I'm so determined to do it. It's my first VLCD but definitely not my first diet, what about you - have you done a VLCD before?

Hazel x
Morning Emma, hope you had a good Saturday? Still drinking the water :p
Good morning I am indeeed drinking lots and lots of water. I was going to order my months worth of shakes this weekend, but I was caught speeding this weekend - didn't see the signs for the newly introduced limit gah! I'm no speed freak! Which means i'm going to have to spend £100 to go on speed awareness course which was my alloted money for Exante :cry:so I have today and tomorrow left on it. however it has given me my kick start I needed, so will go through this month eating low carb and low calorie and then I can start again end of this month begining of dec. So i'll still be popping on here to ensure I keep the momentum! How are you getting on?
Ugh that's terrible, poor you. New speed restrictions are popping up everywhere :(
I didn't think you had to pay if you went on the course, what a bummer !
Keep posting hun will help keep you going until you can get more shakes. Prevent putting any extra weight on eh?

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