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Starting today :)

Just wanted to say a big hello to everyone. I am starting today and have 4 stone to lose :eek:. I have had my first shake chocolate Yummy!!! Cant decide wether to have 3 packs and a meal or do the full 4 packs a day?Could anyone tell me Is there much difference in weight loss between the 2. I did lighterlife about 3 years ago and lost 3 stone but that was strictly packs with nothing else. many thanx sal x:)
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hello flabberghast I am on day two!! I am doing 4 packs it seems to be easier for me knowing exactly what I can have. I have four stone to lose too! xxx


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Hey! Good luck!

I'm doing 3 packs and a meal and I had a stone loss in my first week. I duno what it's like on 4 packs though, I've read different stuff ... Like its a bit slower for some people and others its made no difference
I'm in week four now of doing 3 packs ... Had no loss for last two weeks on scales but inches (5 inches) have come off so it is working :)
You get to look forward to a meal on the 3 a day too... Which I prefer but I know it's not for everyone :)
just make sure you're getting all your water

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Hello and welcome :)

It realistically shouldn't make a difference weather u have 3 or 4 packs because ultimately you will be eating the same amount of carbs, it's just whatever works best for you :)

Good luck in your s&s journey xxx

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Thanks girls, am quite excited that I am starting and am feeling really ready for this. Think I will try the 4 packs a day and see how I go, hope I do as well as all of you :) You are all doing so well :D


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It's very exciting starting a vlcd because u KNOW ur gonna lose weight wooohoooo :)
You Deffo need to be in the right mind set and sounds like you are :D xxx

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Welcome to the forum and our little bit of the world. I don't think it is supposed to make a difference whether you have the protien option or not. I tend to switch between the two, depending on what I fancy when I get in from work. Although I was REALLY focused (I spent a month lurking this forum before I started), I have found it harder than I thought I would. I haven't particularly gone wrong, but sometimes, I just really want something that isn't on plan. I don't as I give myself a good talking to so I can remind myself why I am doing it and more importantly that it isn't forever. My children frequently ask me if I am allowed to eat something and asking me how long it will be until I finish my regime, but they are just being supportive in their own way. I also decided to be open and honest with everyone at work and my family about what I'm doing. A couple of people have expressed concern, but I just reassure them and think that if they want to b**ch about me behind my back, I don't care as I remember that I am only doing this properly once and that I won't put it all back on so they won't get to feel judgemental in the future. Proving people wrong (and being slimmer of course) is my ultimate motivation. I have also decided that if I do regain any weight, I will give myself a maximum tolerance and then I will jump back on plan for a few weeks to rectify. I haven't decided how far to go really, my ticker is the minimum weight I would go for, but I may stop before that if I am content with my size....

Well that turned into a marathon post. I only meant to say hello, not bore you with my thoughts. I don't post much as I only normally can from my phone and it is too much hassle. Today, I am working from home on a work computer so I guess that is the reason for the long-winded post... too many pent up S&S thoughts and allowing myself to be distracted from what I should be doing....erm work?!