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starting tomorrow as I am.....

a big failure on cambridge , i just don't like their flavours...... having lost 3 st on lighter life in 2006 ... i enjoyed their flavours.So made out the shopping list for tomorrow but i get to my work at 8 am and i am not hungry until about 10am ............. so unless i find a breakfast that will be easy ie not cooked but do have access to a microwave............ so what do you all have for brekkie please thanks ;)
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Atkins ready to drink shake or cheesestrings most days. I can't really be bothered in the mornings to be completely honest!

Also anyone who can stick to LL is not a failure! Good luck.
thanks honey ............ cheese strings are a good idea .....thanks...its this b****y menopause that has made me gain weight ...........oh and the cakes !!!
Microwaved Quax Flax! Or a MIM!

Cook a batch of bacon and sausages the night before??

Protein shakes!


Pork scratchings!

I'm sure others will have more ideas for you :)
just off to look up quax flax !! can't face protein shake s no more x
Haha better just look up flaxmeal porridge - it's a member's (Quak) signature recipe.

I'll eat anything for breakfast these days. That Atkins broke my dependence on toast/cereal for breakfast is one of my favourite parts of this WOE.

Good luck
I've had bacon cheeseburgers ALL WEEK for brekkie!

Easy cooked up and reheated.....

Sounds sad, but I cut mine up and take them to work so their easier to pick at at my desk!


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I have sausages/bacon and eggs for brekkie - but I do have a microwave, can't imagine they would be great cold :(


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Yes - i love cold sausies to snack on too! In fact usually a race to see whether dh or i get to them first lol!
I've been having bacon and eggs for breakfast, i know you want something you can have cold, why don't you make a mim the night before and cut it up in the morning to have as toast? :) xxx


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Hi all, can anyone recommend a good low carb saus as I can then rustle up a few in batches. Loving these ideas yesssss..... I too lost 5 stone on LL but wasn't prepared when I came off and my partner moved in yikes hahahahahaha!!!!!
sausage/bacon egg muffins are fab but ive started having sensato pecan butter hot cereal for brekkie (lowcarbmegaexpensivestore.com)


A thin person in disguise
Will have to have a look for that cereal and the recipe for saus/egg muffins yum yum......
yes sounds good ............ today i had a left over cambridge bar and for tea steak green veg and mushrooms ............. but forgot my jelly and cream at the shops today !!! arghhhhhhhh
I've not seen a lower carb sausage than the Black Farmer ones in Tesco. I think the Jamie Oliver ones are pretty low too.

Sausages are AMAZING!

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