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Attack Starting!


Hunky chunky guy here starting Dukan next week!

I have loads of questions and i'm sure you will al be very helpful.

On the website I was advised to do 6 days of attack, which seems a lot but will try my best!

I plan on doing a diary and posting food plans etc just to check I'm not making any mistakes.

So attack then - 6 days of low carb and low fat.

Why do I need to eat oatmeal everyday? Is it a bowel thing?

Is skimmed milk ok?
Muller lights?
Sugar free jelly?
Venison is very lean, (<5 fat) is that ok?
How much water is a lot? is 2 litres ok?
Any rescrictions on eating late at night?

Thanks a lot

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Goat herder(ess)
Hi Squircle. I hope you don't feel too outnumbered by us ladies. It's nice to have a man around the place for a change! :)

The first few days of Attack can make you feel a bit blurgh, but don't worry as that improves after 3-4 days.

Please do eat your oatbran (not oatmeal) ration every day as it does really help. It is indeed good for dealing with potential transit issues, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and also is supposed to help with cholesterol levels. So it's well worth it.

All of those are okay to eat and drink. Be careful with the Mullerlights, though - only vanilla and toffee are recommended, and then only up to 2 per day as they are large. Many people use fat-free plain yoghurt and add sweetener or flavourings. Also, Weight Watchers toffee, vanilla and citrus yoghurts are okay.

2 litres should be fine for your water, and I don't know of any restrictions on night time eating (we eat our evening meal sometimes between 8-9pm and that's be no problem.)

Hope that helps, and good luck!
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grammar police
When you say oatmeal, we are actually talking about oat bran aren't we? Oatmeal is something completely different and not allowed on dukan!


** Chief WITCH **
Well spotted Emma... I'd skim read the OP's post and missed that!

Good luck! Post your menus on the menu thread!

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