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Starvation mode Not eating points Confusion????

Ok I am first to say ''Eat all your points or your body goes into starvation mode''

But if starvation mode exsists how come anoxesis(cant spell) lose lots of wweight by not eating?

I havent been well and I lose slow so I cut back on my points last week lost 2lbs.....
This week I cut back as I had a tooth ache and Thursday scales said Id lost 3lbs since Monday,today same time etc the scales said just 1.5lbs since Monday SO
I have put 1.5lbs on since Thursay
Ok I havent had all my points yesterday was 13&1/2 from 23 just as my tooth made me not want much. Week Monday to Friday I havent had 20 points so if it is as my body thinks Im starving myself it doesnt figure On all VLCD we have 350 to 500 cals and lose 3-10lbs a week so how come starvation mode doesnt apply?
????? ANy ideas x
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Umm. It's very complicated. I think I'd need more than a page :D

Basically (and I know I'm being very brave here), but 'starvation mode' doesn't really exist in the way most people consider it.

It's to do with the adaptive component of the metabolism. The extra amount that it goes down when reducing calories.

When we lose weight, we get smaller and so the metabolism goes down as there is not so much to carry around, but when you reduce calories after a few days, your metabolism reduces further. That is the adaptive component of the metabolism.

Reduce your calories more and the adaptive component goes down more. Many people think that it goes under/stays at what you are eating, but there's no research to prove this. In fact, all research shows it doesn't work that way...it goes down further but stops at a higher level that what you are eating.

So why not cut right back? Because it's not an efficient way to lose fat (even though you probably would still continue to lose it). You cannot get all the nutrients you need if you don't eat enough (unless you have formulated meals) You risk losing too much lean mass, which aint good and effect hormones that will cause you to crave, hold on to water, make your teeth fall out etc ;)

Anorexia is a long term condition. They can often eat minuscule amounts with many hours of exercise. It's pretty impossible to do this long term unless you have the condition. Weight loss isn't particular fast (usually), but they are in it for the long haul.

Sorry, but the 'starvation mode' thing that people quote does my head in, but it's still not good to try it out IMO. Not unless you really, really, really know what you are doing and have at least one degree in physiology and a mass of research papers on your desk


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On Supersize vs Superskinny the Dr on it explains that your body gets used to the amount of calories you eat. If you eat a lot regulary it starts burning more and if you don't it slows down. So if you eat less than you should your metabolism will slow down and if you start eating a lot again you'll put on more weight than eating that same amount before. So eating below points doesn't stop you losing weight, you obviously will be losing more, but as soon as you start eating more again the body stores it as fat instead of burning it off. It's not sustainable or healthy.

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