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Stellasmammys diet/exercise Diary :)

S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Here we go, Day One...

I've had some melon :greenapple: and done 30 mins on the Wii :whacky068: oh yeah, I walked Stella too :chores016:

I've had a bath and done the dishes, had a cup of bouillon stock and a sesame seed ryvita. Took a tub of veg/lentil soup out of the freezer to have for tea and measured out some pasta to go in it.

I was going to go shopping for loads of veggies and salad but just couldn't face it. Maybe tomorrow after work.
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Ooh, lots of luck for your weight loss journey. :) Melon is just delicious, isn't it? Throw some my way, please!

Are you following any particular diet?

Well done on the exercise and I hope your shopping goes well if you do it tomorrow.

S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
No particular diet, just trying to be healthier, more fruit and veg, less crisps and bread.

Had another lil' walk with Stella after tea. Just made hubby his snacker platter, he is a skinny minnie, eats and drinks what ever he wants and weight never changes. He had, hard boiled egg, tomato, 4 crackers (cheese, cheese spread, ham and sardine paste) a bag of wotsits and a bag of salt and vinegar crisps and some twiglets.
I had an egg, one ryvita with sardine paste and 2 thin slices of cheese. I've had 2 cans of Skol with no added sugar lime cordial.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
I am shattered!

Had my pedometer on today, 11,000 steps. That was from the car park to work, work, back to the car and then around Tesco.
I got a little sushi pack when I finished the shopping, mmm.
Tea tonight is Tilapia cooked in the oven with spinach, with roasted carrot, pumpkin and sweet potato and some steamed cauli and broccoli.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Hi again :)

I had 3 cans of Skol and lime last night and a ryvita with low fat cream cheese.

Work was a pain today, I started an hour later than usual and finished at 3 instead of 2. By the time I finished I was really thirsty (it's insanely hot in that place) and hungry too. Ended up with a small oj and shapers prawn sarnie from boots.

Tonight I had fish and spinach again but made some vegetable rice as well as steamed broc.

Looking like another 3 cans of lager, lots better than a bottle of wine tho.

It's a year since our nasty car crash today. Stella got thrown from the car at about 40 to 50 mph, I thought we'd lost her. She was well shaken up and bleeding but thankfully alive. Hubby and I were all beat up to. Our car was written off. The idiot that hit us was made to do and pay a safe driving course. Today has been tough tho, milliseconds earlier and hubby would be dead, possibly me and Stella too. We were very lucky.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Saturday -

At work in the morning, it was really busy, I did a little bit of Christmas shopping when I finished.
Had some melon when I came home then made some soup to freeze.

Roasted Pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, onion, garlic and rosemary in the oven with about 3 teaspoons of olive oil, whizzed it up with stock made from bouillon powder, salt and pepper.

Did another half hour of Wii fit, no weight gain or loss.

Tea was one and a half jacket potatoes with salad and a tin of tuna mixed with a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese. then I was very naughty and had a bottle of white wine and 2 squares of chocolate.

Sunday - so far...

Had a great sleep, didn't get up until 11.30! Got two loads of washing done so far, done the dishes and made some carrot and turnip mash for tea tonight. I'm doing chicken livers with bacon and onion, hubby will have regular mash and I'll have veg mash. Will steam some cauli and broc too.

I had a bowl of the soup I made for lunch with a sesame seed ryvita, was quite nice.

I'm getting a headache now, think it's to do with the 'wrong' time of the month.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)

Hubby is teasing me, he's had a bag of Frazzles, cheese, dairy milk and now he's munching on mint matchsticks, I can smell them, mmm. I want snacks!
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Sunday night -
had 3 cans of lager and lime but didn't succumb to hubbies snacks.

Monday -
Worked 10 til 5, had an hours break at 2pm. Melon, cup a soup, 2 ryvita sesame seed crackers, and a bag of boots shapers 99 cal crisps.
Tea was fish with spinach (again) wholemeal pasta with a sauce made from some of the soup I made on Saturday. I added tomato and celery and some chilli for a bit of heat. I also had half a crispy bread bun.
As I knew I was off work today and wouldn't be again until Sunday I had a bottle of wine.

I'm having trouble going for numero duo, I took a laxative Monday night. Lots of pains during the night and this morning, I've been a little bit but I still hurt so much.

Tea tonight is Budweiser marinated ribs, I might make rice for me and hubby will have chips.

I wanted to get some wii done today but I don't know if my big fat sore swollen tummy can manage it.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Tuesday Evening ...

I did manage to go a little, not nearly enough tho. I did another half hour of Wii too, was hoping it would help me go, but it didn't. Good news though, I've lost 2lb! After my lil' work out I had a slice of toast with low fat cream cheese. I didn't do the rice for tea, I had 2 potato and leek fritters I made and froze a few weeks ago. I also had beans and 3 onion rings.

Tea tomorrow is chilli con carne, I always fry and drain the mince and add grated carrot to get some extra veg in. Hubby will have his with bread, I'm going to have rice instead.
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S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Tuesday evening extra... Two cans of lager and two squares of dairy milk.

Wednesday - Lunch (at 3pm) was Boots Shaper tuna sarnie and a packet of melon and mango. I've had a few prawns while I've been making tea, Chilli and rice.
I did another half hour of wii fit when I came home, 2 hours now of my 5 hour challenge this month.

I really fancy a bottle of wine :(

My alcohol total for last week was 2 bottles of 11.5% wine and 13 cans of 3% lager.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
I was naughty last night and shared a bottle of wine with hubby, as well as 2 cans of lager.

Been doing overtime at work today, lunch was from Boots shapers range again, sarnie, fruit, choc bar and drink came to just under 500 cals. Hubby is at work until late tonight, just me for tea so i'm having a Tesco slimming range ready meal, Chicken Korma and rice.

No Wii tonight, my feet are really aching and I'm at work for the next two days, doing extra each day as well.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
2 cans of lager last nigh and 2 glasses of wine.

Just had Friday lunch, 464 cals of boots shapers Sarnie crisps choc bar and juice.

It's busy at work, the mall is packed. 2 hours until home time. Hubby is at work until 0.30 tonight, will be another low cal micro meal for tea.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
No wonder I've been feeling urgh, the 'wrong' time arrived today.

It's so cold I had a cup a soup when I got home, I'm adding some boiled rice to my tea as well, last nights micro meal didn't quite fill me and I ended up with 2 ryvitas with low fat philly.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Saturday - This may sound strange but I could feel myself getting fatter. I was at work 10 til 5 again, had lunch 1-2, a 500 cal meal deal from Boots (again) When I went back to the till at 2 I could feel my blouse getting tighter, it was awful. Got weighed when I got home, a 1lb gain. Ruined myself Saturday night with garlic bread and a bottle of wine. I had 2 home-made fikidella I found in the freezer with spaghetti and made a tomato sauce. I was so tired and sore there was no chance of me doing any Wii.

Got up at 6 today to take hubby to the station, he's off to pick up another car, thats 7 we've got now. Two are going apparently, hmm lets see eh? I've been to Asda for some groceries. So far today I've had a Go wafer bar (70 ish cals) and a WW pita with some beef slices.

It's so cold, 4.4 outside and 19.4 in. I'm going to get the heating on and let it warm up abit before I do some Wii, make myself some tea and have a bath, hubby should be home about 8.30 pm if the traffic is good.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Things haven't been going good. Wrong time of the month has given me migraine. I've been very constipated too. Diet has took a back seat while I try and make myself feel human again.

Weigh in tomorrow and I know it's not going to be good, I guess my 2lb loss will be back as a gain.

Back to the bulge battle tomorrow.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Good news - Well kind of, a stay the same week!

I was expecting a gain so I'm pleased I've managed to stay at 165lb.

Did another half hour of Wii fit and 123 cals burned. I've still got a horrid headache, it just won't go away. Hubby is at work, won't be home until half past midnight. I've been cleaning and tidying. I need to take Stella for her night time walk, iron and have a bath.

So far today I've eaten;
Go wafer bar, 70 cals
Pita bread, 100 cals
10g butter, 55 cals
8 slices thin beef, ? cals (half a pack is 90 cals and I had less than that.)

I've drank;
1 cup of tea with soya
2 cups of coffee with milk
1 glass of squash
1 glass of lemonade

Don't know what to have for tea. I have carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms. Could make some rice with a spoonful of cream cheese to make it creamy or got eggs and bacon for an omelette.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Another terrible week, I'm not doing well at this weight loss thing at all.

Had another stotting migraine yesterday. I finished a very busy 4 hour shift at work (stood at a till the entire time) then sat in traffic for 45 mins to go up to Tesco to do grocery shopping. As soon as I got through the doors and back into the bright lights the aura started, its like bits of my sight are missing even though I know they are there. I got up one aisle before I rang hubby. He said to get something to eat and some lucozade and go sit in the car until I was safe to drive home. Back out in the dim light the aura went quickly but then my head started to pound. I drove home and went straight to bed.

My diets been all to pot the past few days, quite a few unhealthy snacks. I've started to look into Slimming World, see if I can get my head around the way it works and see if it could be good for me.

Today I've had -
Slice of toast with butter
Boots Shapers meal
Cup a soup

Tea tonight is a lamb casserole I made a while ago and froze, we'll have it with frozen boiled potato's. I'm not going to get to the supermarket until Tuesday so I'm having to delve deep into the freezer.
S: 77.1kg C: 75.2kg G: 54.4kg BMI: 30.3 Loss: 1.9kg(2.47%)
Things are not going good. Got weighed today a day late and got a 2lb gain so I'm back to where I started :cry:
It's no surprise what with all the wine I've been drinking, the big bag of pork scratchings, half a bag of prawn crackers, crisps and cheese... you get the idea.

Did an hour on the Wii today.

Got some sad news today, two different friends had to have wonderful pets put to sleep today, if only our fur babies could live longer, they go so young its not fair.

On a more positive note (well I'm trying to think so lol) I've been offered a new permanent job, 36 hours a week over 5 days. With a good chance of being moved closer to home in the near future. That solves our money worries for the near future, when we receive our inheritance we'll be able to spend it wisely not have to use it for bills.

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