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stephie 77 Diary

Ok, day 1 - 3/1/11

B - Shake
S - 3 Crispbreads and 40g of cottage cheese.
L - shake
S - 2x plums, biscuit.
D - Eat Smart meal with Salad, 2 x onion Bhaji's - 612cals
S - Skinny Cow ice lolly

another S - hot chocand special K bar - about 150 cals (whoops)

Exercise - 5km jog, 2 miles on bike - total of 549 cals burnt ( heart rate monitor)
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Well done your starting well
Day 2 - 4/1/11

Been to the gym, 748 cals burnt.

B - Shake
S - 1 x weetabix, 90ml hot milk
L - Shake
S - wine gums & a chicken oxo ( not together!! lol)
D - WW pie, Veg, gravy
Merangue nest, s/f jelly, yogurt - total 521 cals
S - Popcorn, airpopped, 23g

I cracked just before bed and had a chocolate biscuit and about 4 cream crackers. hey ho.

Was STARVING tonight so i sat and ate about 10 little pickled onions!!!! could have been a bag of crisps i guess.
I have a side effect tho from the shakes and i am a bit of a trumpet trousers at the mo.

Im going back to Zumba on Sunday and a friend is coming with me this tme so i should stick at at, so that means i will be doing something every day. might wear my heart rate monitor just to see what i burn off!!

Still not embracing the water, but im on the SF squash and drinking about 1.5 litres of it.
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Day 3 - 5/1/11

This is weigh in day so this is it!!!

911 cals burnt at gym ( 1-1 with trainer, generally called an 'ass kicking')

B - Shake
S - Oxo, pkt of quavers
L - Shake
S - choc biccie
D - Fish in butter sauce, massive salad, 222 cals
Home Made wedges (160g) - 115 cals
Mushy peas (100g) - 80cals
Slice ww bread - 49cals
WW Rice pud & squirt of cream - 140cals

TOTAL - 606 cals
S - fruit

Im really really hungry again, i think i need to re-think my afternoon snack and evening snack, or superglue my mouth closed!!
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Day 4 - 6/1/11

850 cals burnt at gym, aching a bit from yesterdays ass kicking!!

Good day today. I have cleaned the entire upstairs floor on my hands and knees, i have hoovered, mopped, & scrubbed every room.
Will do the same downstairs tomorrow - totally took my mind off eating!! LOL.
Think i have cracked it with having my weetabix 'snack' when i get up and my shake later on after the gym.....watch this space for maximum shrinkage!!!!

S - weetabix, 90ml hot skimmed milk
L - Shake
D - WW meal, veg, peas & s/crn,WW pud and
Total - 500 cals ( approx)
S- Pkt f/fries
S - 3 x cream crackers with a little low fat spread

A good day.
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Day 5 - FRIDAY 7/11/11

950 cals burnt at gym.

S - weetabix, 90ml hot skimmed milk
1pm - Shake
4pm - Shake
6pm - 3 x L/f sausages - 248 cals
gravy - 50 cals
200g boiled potatoes - 136cals
WW pud and merangue - 130 cals
S - 6 x crabsticks

TOTAL - 564 cals
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Day 6 - SATURDAY 8/11/11

804 cals burnt at gym.

12 noon - Shake
2pm - pkt of wotsits
4pm - Reeces Nutragious bar 260cals!! ( it fell in my mouth!!)
6pm - WW pizza, Lg salad, coleslaw, cottage cheese - 320cals
skinny cow ice cream - 97cals

Big pack of Monster Munch - 416cals !!

TOTAL - 417cals

OK, bad day today....but all massve bags of crisps have now been eaten so no more in the house and although i had a couple of wobbles i still only had in theregion of 1400 cals today.
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Day 7 Sunday 9/1/11

550 cals burnt at Zumba!

9am - weetabix, 90ml hot skimmed milk
3pm - shake
S - 3 x biccies. ( 100cals)
6pm - 4 x ww bread, 2 x poached eggs, mush rooms, roast beef. skinny cow ice pop - 600 cals

I feel like i havnt stopped today!!! woke up really early then non stop till about 3, cleaning, fixing, zumba - im pooped!!!

Still 2 more days to WI(1) - keep the focus steph, looks like im going home for a week in Feb - wold like to be a stone lighter by then if poss......
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Day 8 - 10/1/11

850 cals burnt at gym.

9.00am - weetabix, 90ml hot skimmed milk
1230pm - Shake
3pm - Pkt crisps
6.00pm - Fish, lg salad, pot salad, peas, skinny cow ice cream.
Total - 611cals

Need to get back into having the 2 shakes again maybe the 2nd about 3 instead of a snack!

Im getting nervous about WI on Wednesday, and gettingthe old 'what if i havnt lost anything' feeling..............
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Day 9 - 11/1/11

9.00am 200g pinapple - 100 cals
1230pm - Shake
1345 - 3 x crackers - 100 cals
3pm - Shake
6pm - Lg salad, WW quiche, peas. 1 x slice Bread & Butter, Skinny cow ice cream - approx 600 cals

im dreading WI tomorrow.......i really hope i have lost.
top tip from personal trainer - eat pinapple as a snack before the gym, the enzymes in it help burn fat and break it down quicker whilst you train!!
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wonder if that means i may have burnt more fat at zumba last night as i had pineapple before i went lol
Kazzy, i reckon so as he said to me to have pineapple before any sort of training.

I just found this on line :

Pineapple has a very high level of enzymes. This helps better digestion and will have a positive effect on metbolism, energy and will improve transit too so you'll have a better gut on the inside.
it has a high sugar content though so will load you up on carbs, activate your insulin release (to combat the high sugar levels) and therefore keep your metabilsm relatively high (like you've been exercising).

bring on the pineapple i say!!!!
Hi Allie:welcome: !!!

i have snacks that total 100cals, if thats a yogurt and fruit, or a cuppa soup and a cracker then i have it - sometimes i go over (110ish) as i like monster munch and they are 108-112 cals depending on flavour!!

I dont work to a fat limit for my meal, i just make sure ( much like EE on SW) that the majority of my plate is veg/salad that way i figure what ever i eat will be eaten wih lots of fibre and goodness as well! we will see if this theory works tho tomorrow!!!! LOL! x
Day 10

Cals burnt at gym - 817

WI no 1, and i lost 4.5lb and im very very happy with that, i dont wanna lost it too quickly and if im honest i have had a few little cheats this week so im over the moon.

so - I'm 1lb off my first target ( lower stone) and 2.5 off achieving my Jan challenge and 4.5 off getting back to my wedding day weight.

Off to the gym this morning with a smile and a skip in my step.

Bit of a boo boo today, I have picked all day as i went out shopping by myself but i have kept track of what i have had and keptthe wrappers and it adds up to 586 cals so i figure i am not going to have a meal tonight, just a shake and i still have my 'snacks' to play with if im peckish......do you think this is ok ??

9.00 - Weetabix & Milk (snack 1)
1230 - Shake
1300 - 1600 - SNACKS!!!! ( naughty) 586 cals
1700 - 2 x popadoms - 100cals

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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done on your progress! :D hadn't thought to add weetabix as an extra but really do like breakfast so may well do that! ;) Thanks for the idea! lol

Hope you see the scales move well this week.
purps, i am so happy i get breakfast!!!! it makes a massive difference to me and really works!! ( also the choc Weetabix are more or less the same cals so you can treat yourself!!! nom nom nom!!!!)

Day 11

Gym - 968 cals burnt!!!!

right, i am totally writing yesterday off as i did not STOP eating crap all day, i ate squillions of drumstick lollies and general naughty sweeties BUT im not going to dewll on it, i have been the the gym this morning and im back on track. gotta keep busy and eat regularly, im home all daynow so that should not be a problem.

B - pineapple ( 50 cals)
1230 - Shake
1400 - cup a soup (60cals) & fruit ( 40cals)
1530 - shake
1800 - Homemade beef casserole, veg & potatoes. 2 x WW bread & l/f marge

2000 - hot choc (skinny cow) & pkt f/fries
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Day 12 - 14/1/11

Gym - 1050cals burnt!!!!
I hammered it in th gym today!! Im off to the fertility hospital today to give blood :wave_cry:.....might have to partake in sime retail therapy to make myself feel better!!! LOL

B - pineapple ( 50 cals)
1230 - Shake
1400 - 100 cal choc bar
1530 - pkt crisps
1800 - 2 x WW bread & Butter, WW fish pie and salad, skinny cow ice cream
2000 - crackers

I have had about 1600 cals today.
AND i got a very nice paid of shoes in the sale, reduced fron £65 to a fiver!!!! BARGAIN!!
We are off out tomorrow night for a meal, tapas, so going to gym in morning to try to 'minimise damage' for the food & drink !! Im planning on going to Zumba on Sunday so hopefully wont be too hungover!
Day 13 - 15/1/11

Burnt 500 cals in the gym.

Wrote off today as night out with family and i drank waaaaaaaay too much.
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Day 14 - 16/1/11

Too hungover for Zumba.

Havnt counted calories at all but i know i havt gone stupid with the hangover food !!! back on it tomorrow!

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