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Steph's Dukan Diary! :)

Started Dukan Attack today - hope I'm doing it right! All comments welcome!


Omelette (1 egg+1 egg white) in frylight
Black coffee with sweetener

Lunch: Garlic & chilli prawns, seafood sticks
oat bran pancake (this was lush!! definitely having this again!)

Dinner: Vietnamese beef, cottage cheese

Also a few cups of tea with skimmed soy milk! and lots of water and sugarfree squash.

After the first day I don't feel too bad - fully expecting days 2-3 to be worse though! x
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Second Day plan is:


Omelette (1 egg + 1 egg white)

cottage cheese
fish sticks
hard boiled egg

Fish with herbs & mayo

(and hubby will have a lovely hollandaise sauce with my left over egg yolks!!! *salivates*)

Aiming to drink water, sugar free squash and a few cups of tea with alpro light soy milk.

(I know I'm breaking the rules a bit with the soy milk, but I can't drink cow's milk! Hopefully it won't have too much of a negative effect - this might be the thing that keeps me on plan! :) )
its not strange at all LOL we all feel like that after not having them even when you wernt a great veg lover beforehand lol


** Chief WITCH **
anyone for a sprout yet?
my husband was so funny when I turned up at table with just my beef... he looked at my plate then at his... and then was like "would you like some broccoli???" he felt guilty because I didn't have veg, lol!
MY hubbys complaining about me eating steak everytime we go for dinner :p he says its costing him a fortune... then i remind him im not having a bottle of wine with dinner now so its actually saving him money ;)
Saturday Day 3

oat bran porridge


cottage cheese
egg white


Chicken with chilli and garlic
fried egg (in frylight)

snacks: crab sticks

drinks: cups of tea, sugar free squash

Feeling very tired today, we had a family day out to Claremont Gardens (National Trust) and I've certainly done my quota of walking, plus getting the pushchair up those hills was good exercise! Managed to restrain myself from dipping into hubby's Pringles or hoovering up my son's leftover cheese, so quite proud of myself for that! Now to get through Saturday evening and X factor! x
Sunday menu


oat bran porridge


omelette (1 egg and 1 egg white)
fish sticks


Roast Chicken
cottage cheese

Made some Dukan baked custards last night - oh what a relief to have something that was sweet! :)
So constipated - haven't pooed in two days! :cry: Will think about getting some kind of laxative... hope it doesn't affect my weigh in on Thursday!!

Monday's Menu

Monday Day 5

Low fat yoghurt with oat bran & sweetener


Ham, Fish Sticks, boiled Egg


steak, fried egg


** Chief WITCH **
How many day's attack are you aiming for Stef? (have you been to the official site to calculate?). I'd move onto Cruise tomorrow, if I were you.

How many day's attack are you aiming for Stef? (have you been to the official site to calculate?). I'd move onto Cruise tomorrow, if I were you.

The calculator said seven days, plus I can still feel the weight coming off, so I'm going to stick with it until Wed evening! Thanks though Joanne :) I came 'unplugged' this morning too - hallelujah! :worthy: xx
This is really not too bad - I am not even hungry between meals any more!!! It may be harder to stick to after a while, but I'll cross that game of bridge when I come to it... ;)

Today I went through my favourite cookery books (multiple Nigellas, Good Housekeeping) and found lots of recipes that I can Dukan-ise. There is a big list now on the fridge, and my husband is finally happy that he will be well fed while I can still "do the Dukan"! :D

Breakfast: Oat bran porridge

lunch: Left over steak, boiled egg and 2 fish sticks

snack: homemade yoghurt

Dinner: homemade turkey burger, fried egg in frylight
Well, weighed in today after seven days of attack, and am very happy to report that I have lost...

11 lb!!!

So happy with that, and looking forward to a bowl of PV bolognaise tonight!!! :) What a great motivator!

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