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Steve M & Big H - buddy call?

S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
HI Guys,
I was just reading Steve's thread (welcome back!) I lost loads on CD around 10 stone and ahve regained almost 3 stone, and I have kept trying SS BUT head does not seem to be there, not sure why but always seem to enjoy the banter that the guys have - probably due to working with so many of you!!

Do any of you need a buddy, I coudl desperatley do with some encouragement esp to get thru the first few days? Maybe we could help each-other - (maybe you guys don't need any!!)

Hope you don't mind me being cheeky... but just noticed both of you ahve restarted in the last day of so...

STW xx
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I'm game. I am finding it tough at the moment, but it getting easier. I am going to have a seriously rough time from 21st to 30th September as I am going to France to work on my uncle's farmhouse - and that is hard labour. I will be slating a roof, fitting windows and doors, installing under-floor heating (inc. mixing the concrete), building walls etc etc.

The old lady who lives at the farm that has a view of the work calls us "The prisoners on the hill". She says that it looks like the hard labour that prisoners were subjected to in the past.

I do not seriously believe that I will be able to SS and work that hard. Last time I was there I ate like a horse, and still lost 6lbs, so I think SS is a no-go.

However, I am going to SS for 2 weeks, and then introduce protein and salad - bit like AAM - but I will be A3M (!!) to increase my intake a little. If I feel rough I will eat a little more, but staying with stuff that I know is safe - plain protein and salad - and then back to SS when I get back. Hopefully if I eat sensibly during those days and keep glugging the water, the increased activity should keep the weight-loss going.

That's the plan anyway. If it was not a long-standing agreement and it would not land my uncle in the ****, I think I would back out and keep SS'ing, but I cannot and will not land him in it.

S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
Great Steve, we can encourage eachother, shall we keep it on this thread? I think you should maybe 790 or 1000 whilst you are working that hard? Will you have any internet access whilst you are away?

So is today day 3 for you? Are you weighing each day or once a week? I am a b***er for getting on the each day BUT I did find that motivating in the past kinda a daily reminder that I was on a diet plan?

STW xx
Hey is this a no girls allowed, boys only club?

Just wanted to say good luck to you all.
Unfortunately, no access to the InterWeb whilst I am away. It is really back to basics. We have only just rebuilt the walls and got the skeleton of the roof on and lathed and papered. There is only one socket in the entire place, and that is wired straight from the mains post outside!!

You suggest just what I was planning really - I am going to start re-intro of food (protein and salad) a week before I go, and then take some packs with me and try to stick to the protein/salad. If, however, I start to feel bad through over exertion, then I shall up my intake to deal with it. I am going to try to keep the food at a minimum though - only enough to deal with the exertion.

I think this approach will be okay - enough to cope with the work, and hopefully easier to get back to business on my return.

Today is day 3 of SS this time round. Not in ketosis yet, but should not be long! I am starting to feel colder, but not cold!!

I am no longer one for jumping on the scales - only at the weigh-ins now. First time round I was doing that all the time, only to be disappointed at the weigh-in as the counsellors scales always read heavier. I decided that as long as I do what I am supposed to, the weight will drop. So, I am a once a week weigher. Even after I lost my weight before and I was going to the gym virtually every day, I still only weighed once a week, on the same scale.

My biggest problem is the cravings at the moment. It does not seem to matter what I am doing, I see food, or think about food. I had the same problem last time too, and I know I can break it, but it is tough. We just have to grit our teeth and hold onto the vision of the end point - where we want to be .... where we were before we took our eyes off the ball.

It would be easy for me to blame my redundancy for what happened to me, but that would just be an excuse. Just like I used to have before. I always had excuses for why I was so big - big boned etc, etc. The reality is that it was my fault and my fault alone. Losing my job was no reason at all to start eating, but that is what I did. No-one forced those extra calories down my neck - I did it, so I am to blame.

The good thing is that having been through the counselling before, I know what to do and how to deal with things - I just have to remember to do them. I initially lost my weight with LL, but stepped over to CD part way through my managament. I have been reading through the LL books again, and listening to the CD's, and they are helping to refocus my mind.

I just have another couple of days of this to endure and then I will be in the land of ketosis and it is easy from there .... or it was last time. I am not banking on anything being easy this time!

S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
Hi Saz,

Not a boys only club, (unless I have had a sex change without realising !!) Wanna join?
Steve it sounds like a busy time in France, well I also do not blame anyone other than myself I have been eating badly for around 2 months and can't seem to stop, I need to drop some pounds to find some motivation as I sure do not want to gain anymore, but I seem set on sabotaging myself. I would really like to be in the 10's by Christmas so I could wear a dress!! Last year I was in the 11's and due to lots of loose skin even though all the dresses fitted (woohoo!) they hung awfully, this probably ahas been rectified in one area, some I do not want to be heavier this year!!

So tomorrow is day one for me, and day 4 for you....
Yeah, I hear you on the sabotaging front. I have been doing that to a degree for 4 months. Madness.

France is going to be hell on Earth, but if I am careful it may well help me along the way ....

That is what we have to do now - draw the +ves out of everything, and stop focussing on the negatives. That's what I was doing for 4 months, and it hit me with 27 lbs I do not want.

Yes Saz - the more the merrier. We all need some support on this thing.

Not a boys only club, (unless I have had a sex change without realising !!) Wanna join?

Please accept my apologies lol. got wrong end of stick :eek:

Steve, hope thinhgs go well in France, my parents friends did their house a couple of years ago and I remember too well helping them gut the place, it was just a complete empty shell once they had finished ripping it apart.
Now its fantastic, new walls floors everything but a lot of hard work and tears lol.
Also remember the crusty bread and butter though ;)

Good luck with the diet and France
S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)

No apologies needed!!! Your doing well, justa couple of stone to go, are you pleased with your progress?

Well day one today, heres hoping I can make it to bedtime this time... Will check in later today...
S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
HI Steve

How has today been for you, its just gone 6pm, I have one more shake to look forward to later, 2 litres down, about 3 large cups of black coffee, don't say it too loud BUT I might just make it thru day one!!
Today is okay. 5 litres down, 2 packs down. Still keep thinking about a chicken breast though ...... I will not cave in though, even though to have what I am thinking about would not do major damage weight wise it would do psychologically .... first step and all that.

I wish the chatterboxes would belt up ..... I swear I could even smell chicken earlier!! :)

S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
:)Tell the chatterbox you CAN have the chicken breast - BUT you are at this time CHOOSING not to - that used to help me. Kinda kidology - its not banned you can have it BUT....
Well done on the water level, I will try and do a bit more tomorrow usually aimed for 3-4 litres in the past. Lets keep PURE Steve.....:)
Right - made it as far as I can. I have just made up my last pack, and finished my last bottle of water. 4 packs, 6 litres.

I have had enough of today, so I am going to go to sleep now where the chatterbox can do no damage.

It WILL NOT beat me .....

As to the water, that is no great shakes for me. Even on a normal non-CD day I would down at least 3 litres, so that part is easy for me.

Its just the rest that is difficult!

:sigh: Steve.
S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
Guess What....MAde it thru day one! Wayhey!! Well done to you as well Steve, how are you feeling today? See showing off now re a ticker.... I will try one later.....

Have a good day - will check in later x
Well, today has got off to a sh*tty start. Had a Docs appointment today regarding a pain that I have been having that has slowly been getting worse. Doc has said that I have the beginnings of an abcess and has prescribed me with antibiotics. That is good that it will sort it, but the blasted things have to be taken with food. I am trying to get in touch with my CDC not to see what I can do - whether a pack will suffice as "food", or if I will need to have something else. If so, I think I will just get a pack of wafer-thin chicken slices and have a couple of those 4 times a day with the tablet - hopefully that will not affect me too badly.

If I cannot get in touch with my CDC (she goes away at weekends) then I will post the name of the tablets here in the hope that another CDC can help me.

:mad: Steve.
Well, the day just got better. Just collected my anti-biotics from the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist. Apparently I am lucky! The tablets I have are Flucloxacillin which are to be taken at least 1 hour BEFORE food or on an EMPTY STOMACH.

That should be easy enough on SS :)

That news improved my mood no end!

S: 25st5lb C: 22st5lb Loss: 3st0lb(11.83%)
hi there,

good news on the tabs, hopefully thye will kick in soon and you will feel even better - struggled a bit today - but managing, will check in 2morrow.
Well, tabs have kicked in. I read the leaflet and one of the side-effects is an upset stomach ...... tell me about it!

I feel as rough as a rough thing from roughsville. Glad the course of tabs is only for 7 days.

Still, stuck to SS. That's good.

Hope you are coping and battling your way through.


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