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Stevie's CC Thread

I have been reading the forum for a while
so thought it was about time i joined

Im 37 and started my diet on March the 9th
im following a strict 1000 cal a day diet

Mainly steamed veg, Salad, Steamed fish, King Prawns, Chicken, Beef Jerky etc

oh and Coffee ofc!!

My starting weight was 24 stone
and im 17 stone 11 today just under 3 months in

My aim is to get down to 14 stone by september the 15th when i goto bali for my sisters wedding

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With a bit of luck i should make 14stone
by sept 15th i have 9 weeks

lets say 4 weeks as a guess for the next stone
and 5 for the last one
as things are slowing down now

oh and im just into a large mens t-shirt
which is nice as a 3xl was snug before
i have stolen some of my 13 year old's t-shirts that are too big for him :p

:wow: Well done, another stone in just 3 weeks! :)
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Hello and congratulations on a fantastic weight loss so far.. i do not think that I could cope on only 1000 calories a day! You are doing soooo well!

Sharkbait1983 x
Im dying to hit 29.9 bmi so im not obese anymore
but its like watching paint dry!!

still not far off now

I have been re-decorating my living room this week
so that should burn the cal's off a tad faster
I'm so jealous! I was doing 1000 a day at the beginning but I got severe headaches that the doc said were because I wasn't eating enough! I'm on 1350 now but the loss has slowed right right down. Well done on your loss, you're doing amazing!
It may well be what you are eating
i dont eat any junk at all

Its all salad/veg/chicken/prawns/fish etc.

about the closest thing i have to a treat is 2 weight watchers yogurt's and 2 peaches for breakfast

I try my best to maximize my 1000 cals food wise so a 200 cal treat is a big waste for me when i could have had 300g of salad with 200g of prawns

I havnt have any problems at all


I tell a lie a few weeks ago i had a weight watchers desert 168 cals
it was very nice but was gone in around 3 seconds and left me wanting more

I binned the the second one in the box
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I'm vegan so I like to think I eat pretty well, I put all the weight on mostly due to portion size and baking rather than anything else I think?
Hi StevieW - you've done fantastically well. I am also following a strict 1000 cals a day diet and have lost 4 stone in 3 months. I am eating the same sort of things as you - salads, prawns, lean chicken breast, fruit, veg. My treat is a strawberry mivi at 105 cals. I feel better than I have done in years.
Well done on reaching 29 bmi
I should be along soon with a bit of luck

Thats a good weight loss in 3 months being as you had alot less to loose in the first place compared to me

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