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Red Day Stew - swedes?

Hi there

Am planning to make a big beef stew tonight (free on red) and want it to be bulked out with lots of veg. I usually add green peppers, mushrooms, carrots, onions but I want something else. Do you think swede would work? Am wondering if it would cook down and help thicken the sauce but I don't want my stew to taste all weird!

The sauce itself is made with a knorr beef floppy stock cube and a small tin of tomatoes along with some fresh herbs - rosemary, oregano etc and garlic.

Thanks :)
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Thanks betsyboo. I will try it. I've gotten to like swede in my old age ;) so I'm looking forward to it!

Can't add parsnip/s potato as I want it to be a free Red recipe :(
If I make a stew I always add swede to bulk it out, it doesn't end up as strong tasting as you'd think but it does take ages for swede to cook. Not great when it's still a bit crunchy ;)
I like adding a bag of stew mix from Tesco as the weather gets colder.

It has carrots, potatoes, onion, suede, leeks etc in it and tastes great with beef. I made one with Joes spicy sausages last week and it was really good. You could do one with quorn sausages if you want to make it a green day too :)
Thanks all for the tips!!!

Made my stew and it is delicious, if I say so myself!!!

Swede chunks (cheated and put in 2 bags of swede and carrot chunks ready prepared)
2 more carrots
2 onions
3 cloves garlic
2 green pepper
celery sticks
fresh rosemary and thyme
marmite - as much or as little as you want. I used 3 heaped tsp
beef stock (knorr floppy one and half oxo cube)
small tin (baked bean size) of chopped tomatoes
enough water to almost cover everything in the pot
separately fried mushrooms (garlic, rosemary, thyme) to top

brown beef, remove from pan and then fry onions, celery and garlic (whizzed in food processor)
Add in swede and carrot and fry for a bit longer then add beef
add chopped green peppers then the tomatoes, stock and water
add in herbs and sweetener, season
leave in the oven for hours!

yum yum
Sounds delicious, I've had a tin of Tesco stewed steak sat in the cupboard for ages so think I might make stew next week. Problem is I want dumplings to go with it.

To thicken a stew you could mix a tsp of cornflour in a little bit of water and add to the stew to thicken it, not quite sure how many syns that is but it would be low. xx Boo xx

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