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Stig's Slim Fast Diary

Thanks. I lost it for my wedding and since have lost and gained it so many times. It is so great being able to talk to people who know how hard it is. Anyway, I have a shake awaiting me. Be good and if you can't be good have a glass of water!


Losing the baby fat
I know exactly what it's like.
I lost weight in the 90's using slimming pills, like speed! So dangerous really.
Gained it back and just resigned myself to fatness till I was pre diabetic eek! Lost 5 stone in 2007 by counting cals and loads of exercise and got married, and if I say so myself I looked really good.. did well to keep it off but when I was pregnant I ate and ate and ate and didn't realise how bad it had got till I hit 19 stone! So am on the way back down AGAIN and THIS time for the LAST TIME!
I'll be 40 this year and I think that's a good reason to stick in and make sure this is the last time I have to face all this.
Enjoy your shake, I've just had my two choccy ones :) xx
Well, another day. Had my Morning weigh in and have lost, which is no surprise as these first days it tends to come of. I must also add that last weekend I ate out 3 times and drunk a wee too much of the falling down water ! So my initial weight loss was going to be easy. I think from now on is going to be a challenge, I feel up for it. I visualise me in those shorts. I remember last year hoping this winter I would be the right size to wear leggings in boots, I had it all planned to buy a new pair of boots and strut my stuff. There is no way that is going to happen this winter but those shorts are going to look a treat this summer. Forgot to add my husband has decided he would like to rekindle his youth and do some surfing, so this week I saw some wet suits on offer and bought one for each of us, they all tried theirs on and looked good, then came my time, well it was not as bad as I imagined but being so short I did not look great. I am fit as I have 3 dogs and have to walk them a lot but nimble enough to jump on a board I think not. All have a good day.
Well, have had a good day, temptation everywhere but did not bother me. Husband made me laugh whilst out shopping buying up all the special offer Slim Fast, he piped up with if Slim Fast still do the hot chocolate why not get some of that and have some marshmallows on top, yes your right at this moment he is under the patio! Just had my last shake of the night. Tomorrow I must drink more water forgot to today even though I had a headache this morning, I must try harder with water I hear it is good for diets.
Well done on avoiding temptation - popped into a cafe with my Nan and it was cakes cakes everywhere and not a bite to eat!!! I was very good with my cranberry juice but man... I'm not surprised hubby's under the patio :D

I struggle with the amount of water recommended too, today I tried to have one with each shake and one after dinner with my treat which worked but it does seem a lot harder. Maybe because I was eating more before I was therefore drinking much more water. Do you eat a meal at lunchtime instead of dinner? I think I would find that hard...
I have my main meal sometimes at lunch, depends on my day.

I have a big problem with water, even when not on a diet I never drink near enough. I think I am going to have to start to carry a small bottle around with me even in the house and keep some in the fridge.

I have never liked ready made Slim Fast it always seems a bit thin (perhaps not the word I should use). The powder is now on offer at Boots only £3 a tin and thats 12 meals but definitely not as convenient as the ready made. I think I will hit a problem when I have to be out all day perhaps the bars.
Well another morning and have lost a pound so feeling good about that because I know this is where it slows down for me. I know it probably is not the best to weigh in daily but if I did a weekly weigh in and had put on I would kick myself for not working harder.
I am going to have a Quorn shepherds pie today for lunch they are only 206 cals for 300g, with veg it is a good big meal the sat fat is low as well. Being veggie is a help as the meals are usually lower in fat and nowadays just as tasty.
This site is a great help with all the peoples support and everyone being in the same situation.


Losing the baby fat
Temptation is all around isnt it lol! Good going on your losing :D

We eat alot of quorn sausages and just discovered the quorn southern fried burgers (£1 in farmfood for 4) which are gorgeous! I dont like the plain quorn burgers, they dont taste right to me.
I mostly eat microwaved steamed meals - this is what I did last time as well so am sticking with it xx

Not the day I expected spent the day in A & E with my son, nothing serious but from start to finish took 7 hours, so had my shake at breakfast, time we left hospital had missed lunch and dinner should have been eaten, so I confess I had a takeaway but I do not think it will take me over, holding my breath for tomorrow. Spent most of the day standing at the hospital, that most of burnt some calories. At least normally when I break my diet I do not stop eating but I am done food wise today.
Hi He is fine thanks, should be in bed but fast asleep on the sofa; he has school tomorrow.
I had a Fillet of fish(I eat fish as long as it does not look like one) and yes Large fries. It tasted lovely.

Valentines, is not so far away. I bet you can't wait.
Your right, he hung out for a day/week/month of school right up to when the receptionist this morning told him it was okay for him to be there!
Feeling a bit flat this morning as I feel I have been robbed of a day with my family, yesterday so I will have to be very careful and keep myself busy doing all the things we love like ironing, cleaning and such yippee cannot wait.
On a brighter note I did not put any weight on today after my slight slip yesterday, might of even lost half a pound but will recheck that tomorrow.
Today I can eat the Shepherd's pie from yesterday
Drink a load of water and green tea
Remember those shorts must fit by summer
A good day in some respects got to eat my Shepherds pie and veg but forgot to drink water and green tea. So went to the co-op and got some flavoured water to get me to drink tomorrow.

Hey and no Mcdonalds, I can still taste it, which is great no calorie Mcdonalds
I have the same problem with the water. Can drink it after shakes and with my meal but inbetween its like i hit a barrier. Will try harder with that one.

Also at the rate your going i think your shorts will be falling down let alone fitting! :D
Thanks for that, it would be nice, I am sick of wearing those long shorts that hit your knees; I think daisy dukes might be a bit much especially I am no spring chicken!

As I write this I have just remembered water ! Just popped of and had a glass, I do like it when I have it but I kinda convince myself I don't.

Have been good but to be truthful have been distancing myself from friends so I do not have to confront going for lunch and coffees but I have accepted to offers over the next couple of days, I have to face this is real life and I cannot hide from that kind of temptation, I will be good!

So heres to another day closer to those shorts
your doing really well them shorts will fit come summer,, i also have a problem with water im terrible with it i just dont like the stuff lol

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