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Stomach pain


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Wondering if anyone has experienced this, although it's not especially linked with CD.

Over the years I've suffered a kind of stomach pain if I've ever gone a while without food. For example, if I've gone to work and skipped breakfast, when I eat at lunchtime I'll be struck with a kind of sharp pain in my stomach. Almost like my stomach cramps up as the food hits it. It passes after maybe 10 seconds or so then it's business as usual. I've never given it much thought before.

Has anyone had this? I have started feeling it a wee bit this week. I'm on day 14 of SS and feel it a little with my morning shake. I'm just curious as to whether this is normal.
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dare i ask how your getting on with your bowel movements? lol.
I find that i am getting bunged up every few days so that tends to lead to stomach ache for a bit! so might be that?


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You may ask!
I'm not having any problems really. Not going terribly often but it's not been any cause for concern.
It's a proper high up pain - right where my stomach is.


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I had this problem before SS, I went to my gp and she said it was being caused basically by my weight, she thought it was one of my lower ribs digging into my stomach....dont know if this is the type of pain you have?

My pain was always worse if I had been on my feet a while..
Since just losing a few pounds, I have noticed a difference.


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