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Stop Putting it Off...........


Here for the Journey
Stop Putting it Off

It's time to do that little job I've put off for so long
I'm thinking of excuses but I know I must be strong
The fridge and freezer both are full so I don't need to shop
The kitchen floor can wait although I know it needs a mop

The boxes lie in wait for me I ignore them going through
I tell myself I don't have time although its overdue
The garden looks so lovely now - so good to sit and be
So why can't I just do the same with my conservatory

I'll tell you why (not an excuse) just so you understand
The difficulty in this job that has so long been planned
I know inside the boxes will be mostly things to go
The better things to charity but mostly things to throw

Some memories of my childhood I may still choose to keep
And as I go on rooting through I may even start to weep
But these really aren't MY memories although I hold them still
I brought them home to sort them out so sort them out I will

It's sad that over 80 years of life is thus reduced
To boxes in a conservatory that haven't any use
But today's the day I reconcile the past is in the past
And restore my lovely garden room and use the space at last

I hope.............​
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Here for the Journey
I bet I'm not the only one to put off sorting out things that were kept by their parents. I went to a cousin's funeral yesterday and realised that precious memories aren't things in a box gathering dust - the most precious memories are stored in the hearts of those who knew the "essence" of the person x
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I love that poem its so to the point, im lucky to not have much as I always feared if I had to move quickly someone else may be in my things, So I try to keep it minimal.
although as you say there is Nothing as precious as what's kept in my heart :)


Here for the Journey
Thank you for your comments Going back up - I'm glad you liked it. I hope you lose your half stone - I've been toning up recently with aquafit - excellent! x
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Got on the Bike today, didn't over do it as I find a bad experience leads to avoidance. A slow visit to a friend and back so 3 miles but its so much better than nothing which is what I've been doing. apart from some quick sprints between bus stops. :)


Here for the Journey
Bike is good - do you have safe cycle paths where you live? We have them here and they're great. Unfortunately my dysfunctional SI joint doesn't lend itself to bike riding so I have to get fit in other ways. Have gym/swim membership (hence loads of aquafit) but don't use the gym as I lose the will to live in there ;) x
S: 11st12lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st7.0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Gem i to find the gum soul detroying im a very outdoorsey person its just fitting it in. I like riding anywhere i across fields and do use some lanes. Swimming i find a bit like yoga in water. Im thinking to try box fit as enjoy an exetrive exercise to.releade nit so much aggression as i think a built up mass of energy that my body always thrived on exerting from a young age. Prob now is my brains very tierd before my body. x


Here for the Journey
Good that you like energetic exercise - that is the best way to burn calories. Sounds like you have all the building blocks for successful weightloss at your fingertips x


Here for the Journey
I was not exercising for a long time due to pain from a troublesome back joint that radiated into my leg. A great many sessions with the chiropractor to get me moving gave me the push I needed - I didn't want to stop moving again. That was where aquafit came in - an exercise that doesn't put pressure on the joints and surprisingly effective. It doesn't seem to help with weightloss but it does tone everything up and mobilise things. I have been doing aquafit for around 3 months now and love it - double session on Monday, single sessions on Thursday and Friday. I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow as it feels like the joint is "out" again but on the whole I've kept mobile and the pain has been fairly low level. The aquafit has built up the muscle in my legs and around the SI joint so everything is stronger. I can see no better incentive to exercise and the fact that its enjoyable is a bonus x

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