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Stop the bus... I want to wee-wee!!

Hi all

Just started Lipotrim on Saturday and for every mouthful of water that goes in I seem to be running to the loo. Luckily I work from home but sometimes i find myself sitting crosslegged trying to complete a client call so i can get to the loo.

Just wondering what people are doing for behaviour changes? If you google Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) all the websites say it should be accompanied by behaviour modification support and exercise i.e. the diet itself only addresses the weight loss, not how we got ourselves to this point in the first place. I mean we all know the "healthy lifestyle" stuff intellectually but why don't we do it? Why are we so critical of ourselves and our "failures" around food control and why does that trigger more eating?

I've started this to really examine my habits and attitudes to food but just wondering how others cope once "normal" life resumes with all it's tempations etc.

And when will i stop weeing!!!??? :wave_cry:
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Here we go again!
Hi both of you. Don't worry, the trips to the loo do seem to get less frequent, although saying that I've been about 4 times this morning already. I have started my third litre of water though!

I also worry about going back to old habits but people on here are full of wonderful advice about it and to be honest I'm so determined not to put the weight back on once it's gone, my whole attitude to food has already changed and needs to stay that way once I finish. Once you have been on this diet for a few weeks you start to think about food differently too. I know it's easier said than done, but most on here are too determined to get back to their old bad habits and this diet really helps to pinpoint where we were going wrong before (like we didn't know anyway).

Good luck to you both, keep going, get through the first week and it gets a lot easier!
Hi Sarah

Is this your first time?

My weigh in is on Friday? When's yours?

I've been up front and honest with my friends and family about doing this and managed to spend all day Sat in Dublin shopping and going to 3 coffee shops without eating. Made me realise how often i would have just had a bit of cake though even though i wasn't hungry.

Finding i'm not to physically hungry on this but god is my mind craving stuff - that's also what i'm hoping to get out of this - reset my "hunger" measure to proper physical hunger. Have also bought the Paul McKenna CD as he does a lot on that and exercise drive.

Easter Sunday should be fun; my sis is cooking - i've told her i'll be there with my milkshake!

Am so determined; my sis is a skinny size 8-10 and her mom in law told me recently she never normally sees the resemblance but did before x-mas but that was cos my sis was 8 months pregnant and "that whole lot bigger" apparently!!!!


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Hiya yer its my 1st time,it woz a nitemare sun tuk 2 step kidz 2 mcdonalds,gowddd the smell ad my mouth waterin,ill b ok easter i aint a choc eater x x


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my sis is a skinny size 8-10 and her mom in law told me recently she never normally sees the resemblance but did before x-mas but that was cos my sis was 8 months pregnant and "that whole lot bigger" apparently!!!!
Nice lady! LOL! :D
I was amazed how much I actually picked at food when I first cut it out completely!
Lol.. I know Irishmum... it's amazing how other's don't realise the power of their words.

My bro-in-law (who i normally adore) made some crack in front of my nephew about hiding the figrolls if i am visiting which of course my nephew repeated (he is only 7).. now i admit i occassionally have a couple when i'm reading in bed when i stay over (another habit to break) but otherwise it's only with cups of tea when they have some too!! I got so paranoid it drove me to an episode of "secret eating" :-(


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Have you much to lose? At least you've been 'public' about doing this so it should be a little easier to get support & encouragement- only my Husband & my Mum knows- and even she thinks I'm having a proper meal in the evenings (I work with her so couldn't hide the shakes!) My hubby thinks I'm mad in the head, but if it makes me happier then he's 100% supportive (wee pet!)- though he keeps complaining that theres less of me to hug... ;P
probably about 3 stone.

To be honest i told the chemist i don't want to know what i was at (cos i knew it would upset me); i want to focus on what i've lost.

I quite tall so can carry it a bit better but used to be a very healthy size 14 which i maintained with exercise (but always had issues with food) but am now an 18+ which has totally demoralised me. Have a wardrobe full of clothes but living in same 2 outfits and yes..they are black.

With "summer" coming (we are in Ireland after all lol) i want to be able to throw on a t shirt and skirt or 3 quarter lenght cargos and just enjoy being out and about without hating what i look like (although i accept that what i think i look like is a whole lot worse than how others see me.. doesn't help though)


A little of everything!
Aww. I started with 3 1/2stone to lose, but am 11lbs down after 2wks, so can actually visualise a time where I might actually achieve my mini-goal 5!! LOL!
Most people (even my practice nurse) never believe me when I tell them what I weigh, and always say things like 'But you look grand'- so I can empathise with you in not accepting that!
And yes- I too have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can't 'weight' to get back into!

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