strange cravings!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by missy3, 30 August 2008 Social URL.

  1. missy3

    missy3 starving!

    I was wondering if any1 else craved random things.. last time i did LT i had a really strong craving for celery soup.. which was weird as i wouldnt eat that normally even if i could.. i thought it was just a random thing.. but this time round.. i still want celery soup!i cant stop thinking about it. weird!
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  3. pizzle84

    pizzle84 I will do this!!!

    I want things that i would never want before. To be honest if i could id eat anything right now!!!
  4. missy3

    missy3 starving!

    i think im too determined tonight to even eat.. the guilt drives me insane! but if absolutly forced.. some peperoni pizza wold be great! i hate mushroom soup.. even the smell turns my stomach.. so i have a wee sniff of that wen im starving.. puts me right off. :D

    NICOLA F Full Member

    I cooked Lasagne for my two boys today and the smell nearly drove me insane I hink I drank two litres of water while cooking it.
  6. MorbidBubblewrap

    MorbidBubblewrap Is thinking positive!

    My cravings have been one of my old faves..Banana, Peanut butter on wholemeal toast (drools) :cry:But one day when I have got down to my ideal weight I can have it again in moderation of course, And not the whole loaf and a jar of peanut butter like I would have done :D
  7. Sarahv25

    Sarahv25 Always welcome new m8's!

    Toast is my apsolute biggest weakness! Right now its brussels pate on it but toast. marmite, peanut butter (im there with u bubble lol), anything!

    Think id eat anything put infront of me. On day 2 i was eyeing up the dogs choccy bones ...(my dog has a thing for chocolate so she has bonios coated in dog friendly chocolate!).... I resisted, thank god!
  8. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Lol!!! I was feeding someone's cats in my first month and I tell you, some of those flavours smelt good!!!! Now they turn my stomach but at the time I was sooooooo hungry!!!!

    I love the smell of lasagne, I cook it for my children a couple of times a month and when I'm dishing up ............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My biggest craving has been for salmon and salad! If Mr Tesco is reading this can I have some on special offer in November? I'd buy plenty!!!!!

  9. Cuddily mum

    Cuddily mum Full Member

    Crisp was always my downfall but now all i can think about is toast and the lovely looking fruit in my fridge, but i guess its better than crisps and chocolate and as you say its not forever as long as its in moderation x
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