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Stress levels

I very stupidly told the production manager of a show I was working on that I would be able to have a prop made and stage ready by friday. I only said this because I'm new to this profession and If you turn down work you wont be asked again :( Now, as a result my stress levels are quite high (as I wait for reference pics to arrive in my inbox) and I wanna stuff my face with every sort of comfort food I can find. I'm so worried I wont be able to get the prop done in time. I'll tarnish my very small, yet growing, reputation and I'll also make the guy who recommended me look bad.... :(

I sorry bout this, just really need to get my worries outta my head. Hoping It'll calm the urge to eat and maybe me too
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"If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution".

I have this in my signature to remind me not to emotional eat...

A lot can happen in the next 24 hours, chase people up, call in favours, do whatever it takes...

Most people promise the world in the hope they will pull it off, some win, some lose.

Believe in yourself!

Fingers crossed you will pull it off!

Love Mini xxx


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Pray to St. Anthony:)

He always finds things...they could be stuck in the email system check your spam folder.

Love Mini xxx
I was emailing the guy last night, He said he'd get the drawings this morn, I'm assuming he's having trouble tracking them down. They're very unorganised. this prop wasnt even supposed to be in the show, they'd pulled it. I was supposed to make it weeks and weeks ago before they pulled it. *shakes head*
Yip I second what Mini says -anything in media is so bloody precarious isn't it? I don't envy you pet. Also if you're praying -st.Jude = patron of hopeless cases. If nothing else it could help calm the nerves.

GOOD LUCK!! Let us know how it goes. I bet you'll be fine -we're all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Why not use this time to discover how well you thrive under pressure -you might just surprise yourself. :D
thanks, trying to find contact numbers for the costume designer, think she could help. also gonna call into the technicians in college, (i'm tha graduate part time tutor for my course) I'd say they can give me some ideas on how to do the more tricky aspect.
Oooh you have a brill job, i'd love to do that! Tho i can completely understand your stress today, i hope it goes ok, [email protected]@@y people.

Don't eat, because i felt like that yest. & i'm so glad i didn't, i feel ok today..Best of luck xxx
Heya :) x dont stress im really sure that when the piccies arrive you will set to like a crazy person and get it all done on time your obviously good at what ya do or they would have chose someone else
in the meantime all you can do is make sure you are prepared for when the piccies do arrive so stay calm, dont munch anything(make a brew) and just check that you have everything you think you will need close to hand for when you start and then a list of phone numbers to call if you need to order anything that you would never have dreamed you would need in a hurry, hope the email arrives soon
Gen x
Thanks moanz :) i do love my job its what iv always wanted to do tho I didnt even realise I could til 5th year when I found the course after an aptitude test :)

I wont eat, dont think i could handle the guilt ontop of the stress. lol

thanks gen :) Im making a list as we speak. unfortunately im in my boyfriends but I'm close to the costume designers and shops and an hour bus ride from college. tho all my materials are in my house
youll get there babes, and you'll be skinnier when its over too!
woo pics have arrived! and iv just been told that the costume ppl are taking care of part of the prop.
the prop, by the way, is a sinister clown glove puppet, it has to resemble a character from the play. I only have to do the head of the puppet, not the entire thing which is great cos i was mainly worried i wouldnt have time to focus on the head if i had to replicate the characters costume. the play is Magik Macabre, tis a horror magic show. starts on the 24th in the olympia in dublin i cant wait to see is as i was helping to make the tricks for it :)
hurrah! Go for it girl - knock 'em dead with your scary glove puppet *hides behind sofa* x x
hurrah! Go for it girl - knock 'em dead with your scary glove puppet *hides behind sofa* x x
lol thanks :D tho I feel sorry for the clown as his character gets a shotgun blast to the stomach and is then pulled apart on a rack :( thats horror magic for ya :p


Warning-Contains Nuts
Your job sounds fab!!
I'm sure you'll get it done in time :)
:vibes: here are some good vibes to help :vibes:
Oh well done. I know it can be stressful but by the sounds of it now you have what you need and it's not as big a job as you anticipated. I am sure you will get it done. You must feel so good that you didn't give in to the emotional eating. I'm a big emotional eater so i know wht it's like
yeah I really do, plus was extra hard cos I'm in my boyfriends apartment, my house has no food in it, his presses are packed lol when i went into to kitchen to make my shake there was a packet of biscuits right beside my measuring jug. i could smell em! heading home soon tho so will be well away from temptation :D
Yeah i'm the same when i went to my fellas house. I can resist anything except temptation LOL

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