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Stretch marks anyone??

Hi all,
While I was pregnant with my daughter I noticed some stretch marks on my thighs and across my stomach. After trying a number of products comercially available I eventually started using a product called Bio-oil and believe me-it's helped! Thanks goodness. The trick is that you must use it religiously and not give up on it. Any one else had some sucess ?
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Where to find Bio oil reasonably priced?

Hi all
Can anyone tell me if they have found a better price than $8?(expatshop.co.za-for a 125ml bottle).Please let me know if I can get it cheaper elsewhere??


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ebay :D


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I have had and been getting stretch marks since the age of 11 and the most important thing to remember is to moisturise!!

They will eventually fade to silvery lines on their on but any moisturiser used at least once daily will do.

If you can afford it, bio oil is very good but can be a bit too pricey for some people (ie me who always has new stetch marks somewhere :8855:)

Good luck ladies :rolleyes:
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ebay and that shop "tj hughes" sells it rather cheaply im sure xx
i think it also depends on the person and where they are. I went through a very early puberty and in 18 months i went from having no breasts to being a D cup o_o this left me with horrible purple stretch marks all over my breasts and i was very upset tbh. I thought i was maimed for life XD over the years they faded and contracted, and no days you would have to get a magnifying glass to see anything hehe. I do have some on my hips too from irregular growth but they are hardly visible now they have faded. I think moisturising does really help as makes the skin more nourished and supple.


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Agreed - I have loads from constant weight gain and loss (also two babies)....they do fade with time - cocoa butter is great!


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Rescue oil is the cheaper version of bio oil and it works as well...I use it...my worst stretch marks are my tum, bum and boobs...but hey I'm 35 and had two kids and...


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It's important to use a product before they really start as well isn't it? My mum used to tell me she moisturised head to toe everyday and she doesn't have any. My boobs when i gained weight got a few biut i think moisturing helped stop the worst i have some scars so im tempted to try bio oil for those

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