Stretch Marks

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  1. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hello All

    Hope I'm not repeating anyone's post but anyone have tried and tested results to make stretch marks less angry looking?!

    Tried bio oil and coco butter and found it works quite well but just wondered if anyone else had any other products to share


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  3. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    i use cocoa butter firming butter from palmers
    it says it helps strech marks and firm the skin
    and i must admit after i use it i do feel my arms are more firm and can defo tell if i havnt used it for a few days
  4. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Oo thank you!! I bought some more palmers coco butter today and also ordered some vitamin E oil!! OH had a scar on his face and was told to put vitamin E on it .... We got the liquid capsules and squeezed it out !! And worked wonders so I'm going to try that too :) fingers crossed!!! Xxx

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  5. starburst85

    starburst85 Full Member

    When I had my son I got loads of stretch marks and my gran suggested sitting in the sun to fade them as they were quite red and angry looking. I didn't fancy the sitting out in the sun with them for all to see so I did a few sunbeds and they are more of a silvery colour and faded!! The are defiantly not a noticeble
  6. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    I use palmers too & I find it does help a bit. Good tip on the vitamin E oil tho...ill be trying that :) where do you get it from? I've never seen it x
  7. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    ooo thats a good tip!!! im going to go on sunbeds before holiday i think to get my skin used to the sun!! so if this helps fade them thats defo a bonus!! thanks for the tip!!! xxx
  8. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hello hun

    Yes plamers is good isnt it! smells lovely!!! i got Vitamin E from holland and barrett.....attached a picture! was about £6 :) xxx

    [​IMG]All Natural Vitamin E Oil (5,000 i.u)">
  9. ChrisPoole

    ChrisPoole Majorly Motivated Mofo

    What do you all think of Bio Oil? Does it work?
  10. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    i think it does work yes - but i dont think it works any more than coco butter etc - think they are all very much the same
  11. Perpleo

    Perpleo Full Member

    ive never actually tried bio oil
    i did get the palmers equivelent and another version from the pound shop just to try and didnt really like them
    i just hate the oily ness lol
    i prefer using cocoa butter type things
  12. trimNslim

    trimNslim Silver Member

    Ooh thanks hun! That's great! I'm defo trying it :) x
  13. tekniicolor

    tekniicolor Full Member

    I bought some raw coconut oil and have been using that, I really think it's making a difference, also you can use it on your hair and to cook, bonus :p
  14. Bellelardie

    Bellelardie Member

    An old trick is to rub in baby oil BEFORE getting into a bath. Helps to condition the skin. You can also use olive oil.
  15. Laura250blue

    Laura250blue Silver Member

    My Mum used different moisturisers every single day from the day she found out she was pregnant with me. And she still got covered in angry red welts. Unfortunatley ladies its genetic - something to do with the elasticity of your skin.

    The only thing thats ever worked for her (and that I do religiously now so I dont end up the same way when I have kids) - is dry body brushing, followed by moisturising with an intense oil, like vit E or rosehip.
  16. yellowbittern

    yellowbittern Full Member

    Ah, I was wondering what to do with my leftover coconut oil since I started losing weight! I used to eat a lot of it, but since it no-longer suits the way I'm eating, I'll give it a go and see if my stretch marks improve :)
  17. Dolly_

    Dolly_ Member

    I have been using coconut oil and palmers firming cocoa butter and they seem to be doing the trick. Even my appendix scar looks better!

    Speaking of coconut oil, I sometimes put a dollop of in the bath, which I find is great for softening the skin or use it as a hair mask :)
  18. Cee33

    Cee33 Silver Member

    Another fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter, I think it works better than Bio Oil
  19. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    I have had stretch marks on my tummy for a few years now but i've noticed over the past few months that they've started to turn a white colour, i don't or haven't ever applied any form of firming cream or any products to them at all. Anyone know what it could be? I tried googling it but can't get a definitive answer. X
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