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Stripped Bare

I've decided to start an online diary to keep a track of everything. Reading some others on here I have become excited, enthused, nervous and everything in the spectrum between.

I meet with my LLC tomorrow and have already booked an appointment with my doctor for Tuesday to sign my forms, so hopefully things will move along quickly. I have been in Spain for the last 2 and a bit weeks reading on here daily. Despite being the biggest I have ever been it was the first time in years that I have been abroad and felt disgust in my boy and how I look. I think it is because I am sure in myself that this time is for good; for keeps and so next time I'm there I will look so much better.

I'm 30, mum of 1, 5'9" and I am currently hovering at around the 20st mark, I want to lose half of me - and find me again in the process.

I apologise in advance if I rant, ramble on or just plain old annoy. It will not be my intention, I just feel along my journey I will strip myself bare and remove more layers than (hopefully) just the weight.

Everything crossed. Excited!!
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Good luck. I can see you realise it will be a roller coaster of challenges and emotions.
If you are ready to engage with that then the time is right for you.
I too lost half of me. I tell myself I put all my baggage in that half and put it to one side forever.
I look forward to reading your diaries on here.
Good luck. I can see you realise it will be a roller coaster of challenges and emotions.
If you are ready to engage with that then the time is right for you.
I too lost half of me. I tell myself I put all my baggage in that half and put it to one side forever.
I look forward to reading your diaries on here.
Thank you SB, I have to say that already you have been an inspiration to me.

Is there anything I can be doing to help myself before I start the first week? I suppose the temptation is to binge on everything in sight - but that helps no one!

Hayley x
It will help if you start to reduce the carbs and increase your water intake, but some people just decide to eat everything in sight.
First option probably preferable!
Reasons to succeed:

1: I have a gorgeous 3yo son that I want to do more with, my size is stopping me at the minute.

2: I would like to add to our family one day and couldn't safely this size.

3: My weight if affecting my health.

4: I'm fed up of being "the fat one".

5: A family wedding next year.

6: Beautiful clothes!!!

7: I think my job prospects are negatively affected by my size.

8: I don't feel in anyway sexy or womanly this size.
You have made the first step, Contemplation, soon you will be on your way.

As I said earlier, I am on day 4 and have found this site invaluable so far and I am sure you will too.

I look forward to reading your blog and celebrating your weight loss with you xxx
Looking forward to meeting with my LLC today and hopefully being given a start date.

I'm in a bit of a pickle that I don't actually want to tell my H that I'm starting this yet. He loves me to the core "just as you are" but I'm beginning to think me being this size and weight is convenient to him because while I don't address these problems about myself he doesn't have to face up to ones of his own. I can hide what I'm having for a while as he works odd shifts and I've often already eaten.
Mmmmm - difficult one. Issues about how OHs react and their feelings about we do this for ourselves often bring out their insecurities too.
Interesting times ahead.........all these issues can be covered in your group and with the LLC.
I hope your meeting with LLC goes well, not certain what to say on other issues, only that you must do what you want to do, and if the times right for you to lose weight then that's what you should do as you have to want to to do so.

I took my husband along to the information meeting so he could learn more about LL, I wont say he isn't worried about how few calories I am having but he is supportive.

Wishing you lots of luck. x
littlebaconsandwich - good luck with your journey on weightloss and finding yourself! I am 4 weeks in and have lost 20.5lbs! I found the diet fairly easy to get going on but I did cut out carbs on the run up to it as it can cause a bit of a headache. You will learn so much during your LL meetings and before you know it you'll have met the person you're looking for.

Well I'm back, and she's lovely, and I'm ready and raring to go...but I can't start until 14th September, which I'm absolutely gutted about. *sigh*

My LLC gave me some tips on how to eat my way in the right direction to ketosis, hope to lose some weight and get used to water by the bucketful in the meantime.
Sorry you can't start straight away LBS. I had to wait when I started. Our LLC says it tests people's commitment!
I know you want to start,but the time will go quickly and you can still post on here in the meantime.
And I've got news for you - the peeing a lot continues while you're on LLT!:eek:
The LLC was lovely, despite not being able to start for a month she still gave me an hour of her time and lots of suggestions.

Really, really looking forward to starting.

I'm taking my 3 year old to the woods today, we're going on a Gruffalo hunt! Lol. One of the reasons I'm doing this is so I can do fun things with him. I was beyond mortified this Easter when we had to get off of a funfair ride I was taking him on because the safety strap wouldn't fit on me. Never again. Thankfully he's too young to realise and be embarrassed by his mum, I don't ever want to make him feel like that.
Littlebaconsandwich - A gruffalo hunt sounds amazing!! I love your name BTW.

I had to wait two weeks and it really helped to get me in the right frame of mind and asked lots of questions. I got great support on here throughout the whole time. Its really worth considering your reasons for doing it along with short term goals to get you through to the long term goal. A month seems a long time but on this diet its nothing. Starting on 14th September means by 14th December you will have lost 3 stone or MORE. Its hard to imagine but take our word for it! Its sooooo worth the wait. xXx

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