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Strugglers' Diary... time to climb back on

to that thar' Dieting Track thingymajig whatsit. Hiya DC folk, trying to get myself back on regular like after hmn maybe a month or more of behaving stupidly after only two months of getting back on top of things.

My enthusiasm for this is a very fragile thing it seems, though can seem quite loudly confident when I've got my steam up (like in January... heh seems a long time ago already). Been off the rails, it's taking it's toll and it's making me miserable, still I'm really pulling a face and stomping my feet at feeling like I 'have to' get back on with dieting. And I mean at some points -literally- stomping my feet in a tantrum whining grrr it's not bloody fair!

But it's something I've been dipping in and out of for the past two and a half years, I should have got a lot further along if it wasn't for the old me and the habits that come with 'er didn't dig their heels in for a bit of mindless indulgence every few months. *puffs* I'm a stubborn piece though and once I get back on with things (even if I just feign enthusiasm to start with) I'll feel better once the numbers start moving downwards.

Heh, writing an essay almost here instead of been light and chirpy - I'll get back that'a'way as soon as I can. Task is set to start keeping a food diary again from tom'ow, haven't set any activity goals yet but will get onto those when we're feeling a little less wobbly-minded. I can't do DC anymore as I have been sticking to the vegetarian thing since January or so (hmn prolly when I started going doolally, heh meat-munchers don't blame it on the veggieness, it's because I've been eating sugar-filled rubbish not because I haven't been munching things that go moo/baa/cluck!)

Will more'n likely be needlessly private with keeping my actual weight to myself until I get back to where I was last recorded on here, allow a girl a little modesty in these trying times do heh.

*whistles* whoa, anywho I think that's enough woe-is-me wafflings for tonight. Hope y'all well and faring miles better than I am with your endeavours! I am torn between WW pointing and calorie counting for diet structure, know both work and know both can do y'head in after a while lol What to do with me?

On second thoughts... don't answer that! :eek:
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Hi LoChan
Good to have you back!
Well done for getting back on the wagon; I had a bit of a wobble too and got back into the cycle of eating bad, feeling bad and then eating more bad to make it better - DOHHHH, it doesn't work.
Take each day, no make that hour at a time and remember, that you have a choice no matter how much the food shouts and screams at you to eat it, you can say NO!
Hugs n stuff


maintaining since June'09
Gr8 to see you back! Don't be so hard on yourself!

Take care. xx


Silver Member
Hey! Your back! Go girl! Together we can do this! We should loss the weight and then all meet up and have a night out!
Hey U just loked at your amazing weight loss, you are losing 2 - 4 lb a week. i am sooooooooooooo impressed so i have told my hubby today is the last day of cheating for me. Thats it I have had it with this weight its bloody well going, I have a holiday to look good for in July and I am gonna look good, and not be ashamed of my size. Well done Jessica you are an inspiration to us all. How have you done it? do you stick like glue to DC or vary it a bit????? any tips would be greatly accepted xXx;)
Heh, Week 1 turned into 1 day of behaving, darnations!

In one of those grr want to get started but can't decide how to go about things - again still sticking with veggie living so DC is out, I'd go insane with the limited choice of food. But then again I've been going mad eating whatever I want - neverending circle lol!

Not feeling as gloomy as last week though even if I've not done well getting back on the wagon... it's a sort of step... ain't it? :eek:


maintaining since June'09
It's horrible when you don't quite know how to move forward isn't it? Still I'm sure you'll soon get back to it properly. Nice to see you around. xx
It's going alright, though I think a big part of carrying on with it is it's the only thing I'm managing to stick with at the moment lol

Need to get myself to visit some more veggie places in town, I feel uncomfortable eating alone in unfamiliar places though so tricky, I'm daft heh :)
:greenapple:Hi LoChan - just aim for 1 day at a time.....My mum is a veggie and enjoying the food even tho she has less choice than I do - the new veggie curry is now my fav - I think I could actually eat it every night !!

Anyway I think I am prob 'teaching you to suck eggs....' - so to speak as 100lbs is fantastic and I am sure when you are back in the right place you will be OK again !;)


Stubborn and doing it
Just keep getting back on the horse - eventually, you'll manage to hang on :)

There's a nice veggie place in Manchester on Oxford Road - in student land. Can't remember the name of it - Green Day or something like that I think (what you bet it is nothing like that haha!)
Grrr.. pass me that step ladder!

I injured myself a week ago and spent several days binging in misery, so have been low carbing most of this week to clear the cravings. I could eat a whole G&B choc bar in a sitting!

At least I've managed to knock a few pounds off; how much more would it have been if the binging hadn't shot me up!

Why is it so hard to grasp the simple stuff! :mad:
Poor you - so have you started DC yet or have you delayed it ?? What day do you plan to weigh in ?

Wishing you lots of positive support.....
Oh dear, not going too well - it's amazing how many things beginning with C are tempting and bad - chocolate, Colmans cheese (mustardy!), crumpets, cakes, crisps, Caramacs, Crusty bread... deary me lol

Going to force myself to go do the four mile walk to town tom'ow and hopefully my dropped fitness level will put me in a more diet-friendly mood. But damn that cheese is good, a new discovery!
I do miss some of those c words.... I had cake this weekend as it was my birthday !! Oh yeah and Chinese !!..... and some Cava..... OMG that is all things I had off plan !!! How weird is that !!!

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