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struggling at lunchtimes


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Tesco do a lighter choices salmon and broccoli pie in the chilled section and it's free on EE, this can be microwaved. :)
I can never be bothered to cook anything at lunchtime, so I make myself a huge pot of ratatouille for lunches during the week - just a quick zap in the microwave and I'm there. Tastes lovely and really filling (and I feel good about upping my fruit and veg count :-D ). x
What about a food flask that you can put left overs in before work and heat in the microwave at home.

I use one as I have no cooker or microwave at work and I really like mine :)
I also struggle with during the day at work as there's always biscuits and cake around to tempt me! I usually take enough food to last me the day. I'll have a banana or alpen light bar mid morning then for lunch I usually have something like:

- Salad with ham, boiled egg and cottage cheese (surprising how filling this is, especially if I have 2 boiled eggs)
- Sandwich using bread as healthy extra - fill with lots of salad
- Bachelors pasta n sauce using water only (microwave needed)
- Super low fat noodles (microwave)
- Uncle bens rice pouches (microwave)

Then mid afternoon I will have a muller light. Most days I take a fruit salad in a tupperware box of grapes, chopped apple and anything else that is lying around the kitchen i.e. pineapple.

Fruit topped with a muller light is always good for a more filling snack, especially if my colleagues crack open the biscuits!

Hope this helps!
If you have a microwave...

Green Day.

Baked potato, 1 laughing cow extra light Cheese triangle, 28g of lean canned ham diced Hex B, Baked beans in tomato sauce or a poached egg or both, Little bag of salad, When the potato is cooked spread inside it the cheese and fill with the diced ham, Alow 1.0 Syns for the cheese triange or choose 5 as a hex a.

Nice and very filling, Beans, Potato and even the poached egg can be done in the microwave...;)
This one sounds mad, Irish stew in a flask, Im irish i know!

Make the stew the night before, potatos, Carrot, turnip, Peas, 1 Knorr Beef Stock Cube or oxo, great for green days. Mixed herbs, black pepper, hex b - extra lean mince steak made into small meat balls, ( Make shure and boild the meatballs for a few mins to remove excess fat) and little sea salt. 1x stainlees steel flask.

Keep fresh in the fridge the night before, In the morning heat the stew well to piping hot, get a big spoon and fill the flask, Then at luch time get a paper plate and empty your stew out of the flask, it will stay warm and full of flavor, and enjoy! all cost less than a fiver. and very filling.


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home made falafel, with tomato and cucumber salad is one of my faves!

Left overs are the best bet though, especially if you can heat them up.


loves food and cooking
i am finding lunches really difficult to keep to.

I have been having different variations of salad as i don't have a cooker that i can access in work. There is a small microwave i can use if really pushed.

i will do any days that will make it easier for lunches so all suggestions welcome!
Sounds like you need to avoid the microwave as well?

If you did red or green days, you would get 2 B choices, so could easily 'afford' to have a sandwich / bread roll using one B choice. Fill it with free food (ham, chicken, prawns on red, marmite, hummus on green etc), add a yogurt and fruit (etc) for a traditional lunch box.

Food flasks are *great* if you want to transport hot food to work - soups, chilli, stews, pasta meals all work well.

Cold food you have probably already tried includes cous cous salads, pasta salads, egg salad, potato salad etc etc. Also cold spanish omlette is nice. Cold meats (chicken drumsticks), ham, chicken etc. On green/EE you can make a pot of hummus (chickpeas, yog, garlic etc blended) and use to dip raw veggies. Hard boiled eggs.

There are a few things that just need hot water (mug shots spring to mind, also flavoured cous cous packets) which if accompanied with a side salad, fruit or yogurt can be nice.

good luck!
I quite often cook a large frittatta
use potatoes pasta and veg for a green day
or for original use ham or chicken with veg
can either have it with a salad or just on its own
but my fav is a food flask filled with homemade free soup
Im the same as your I have variations of salad! So cant really help some nice salads though are - prawn, cheese, cottage cheese with chieves.
You could add some pasta cold to the salad or make a big tub of cous cous.
When I'm in uni i take a sandwich made with wholemeal bread (HEB), quark as the spread and stuffed with salad and some sort of meat like chicken or ham. Then i have loads a banana, apple and 2 plums and if i still feel like eating a bag of quavers or french fries (4.5 syns). I just find this easier because i can eat it wherever and whenever throughout the day.

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