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Struggling Bigtime


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Since going off plan in week three and coming out of ketosis I'm really struggling. I'm at a point where I seem to need 4 packs a day and that's caused another problem as I only have packs for this week and next!!

I'm not sure if I'll be able to carry on lime this or if I should follow SW (as planned) when my packs run out instead of after 10 weeks and my holiday :(

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You've had really good weight loss so far, and alothough im only on day 2 and i havnt had any experience of 'falling off the wagon', but it seems that despite gaining again you've began to lose again!!

My dads currently on exante and he does 4 packs a day because hes finding it tough. Remember thats still only around 800 calories per day so WAY under the recomended amount!!

Some people have been saying that they have split thier shakes into two and the same with the soups. Maybe if you split it all in half, it would mean 'eating' 6 times a day and not 3 which may help you!!

I hope you begin to find it less tough and it gets better for you!! Good luck!!

Punk xxx


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Hi Mrmojo

Sorry to hear that you are struggling :( you have already lost 14lbs though in such a short time...that is great.
I start the Exante diet tomorrow so a bit of a newb really but like Punk said if you did have the 4 that is still only 800 calories so you should still experience a weight loss.

Good luck and hope it works out for you.

cmon, you can do it, if you need 4 packs thats fine or you could try adding a boullion in between 3 packs. its about finding what works for you and only you. 1st in a few weeks is phenomenal. remember how great you felt when you stood on those scales and seen the losses. were all here to support you, just as you are for others. you can and will do this if you allow yourself. xx


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Thanks for the pep-talk guys, I might try splitting packs, but the shakes are more tricky/messy, especially at work.

I think its more of a mental wobble and generally don't find it easy to stay focused on the job at hand, unless I'm enjoying it :D

I'll see how it goes in the next week, before I run out completely and then I'll make a judgement call :)
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come on Mr Mojo :) you can't give in now. Remember the good feeling of loosing those first few pounds..this WILL be worth it in the end. I'm a wagon faller, I ate 4 flakes the other day, all in one go. Bad times.

Get back on it :) You Pompey boys are made of strong stuff xx
I'm right there with you. Had 4 really bad days. I know though if I can get past the first few days again I can do it. I'm trying hard to be focused today. I feel so much better when I'm sticking to it. Haven't even enjoyed what ive eaten that past 4 days. Felt sluggish, tired and fed up! I'm nearly out of packs too but going to order a bumper pack later and commit myself to this. Hope you cab find your ficus and get in the zone again. Good luck x

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come on Mr Mojo :) you can't give in now. Remember the good feeling of loosing those first few pounds..this WILL be worth it in the end. I'm a wagon faller, I ate 4 flakes the other day, all in one go. Bad times.

Get back on it :) You Pompey boys are made of strong stuff xx
Thanks, that made me chuckle.

I'm going to try and hold out and have my packs later, rather than split them. It's 11:15 and I'm only just having my bar and normally I'd eat that at 08:30.
That's what I do. I eat from 11am onwards and just drink water/tea first thing in the morning.

Keep going :) We have almost the same goal date. It's hard but I personally cannot WAIT until xmas and to wear something gorgeous and everyone say 'wow, look at you'.
Hi MrMojo,
Come on mate keep it up. after doing so well you you cant let you head get involved now... I agree on the later timings as hunger doesn't seem kick in until later in the morning so leaving it till 11am will help you out later in the day.

Stick in there mate...

You have to remember men are supposed to have 500more calories a day compared to woman in a healthy balanced diet. So allowing yourself one more pack (200 cals) isnt the end of the world!

Good luck x


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Something clicked this morning, won't go into too much detail, and I've just ordered a bumper pack of shakes!!

Now I'm going to be more focused, to prove to myself (in the first instance) and others that I can do this. Another 5 weeks IS achievable and I WILL hit my 10 week goal and some, with any luck :D
You'll do fantastically - well done for getting back on the bandwagon and sticking with it.
Well done, glad that little bit clicked today, I'm struggling today. I keep drinking water but I could eat my arm!!! Xx


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If I can do it, you can too!! Women have more will power than men :D


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I've only had half a bar to eat so far, drunk just over a litre of water, had 5 coffees and I'm currently drinking a 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper Zero :)
ive had my body weight in water, 1 vanilla shake made into a latte and a veg boullion.... i could still eat my arm though. im the worlds worst when it comes to sabotaging myself, i wish i could somehow induce a 2 month sleep and wake up slim! xx

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