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struggling CD-er fighting with why I'm eating!

Hi all Lighterlifers

I have to admit this is a day I thought I'd never see- but after 4 months of trying to restart CD and struggling with my self sabotage and WHY I am eating I have booked on to a LL info evening next Monday and am really excited!

I appreciate most go from LL to CD but I am starting to realise if I don't ever admit/understand why I act the way I do around food that I will never have a healthy relationship with food, and never maintain successfully.

So my questions to you LL'ers are... what are the packs like? powders? tetras? bars? can you have thae bars straight away? Is the counselling valuable and has it helped you on your journey? Does the 100 day commitment focus you?

any responses appreciated..

S x
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Hi Scarlett

welcome to LL.

The foodpacks are ok. Sadly we don't have tetras on LL although they would be handy.

we have about 7 varieties of shakes and 4 of soups.

You can have the bars from week 2 but only one per day. I do not like them that much so stick to my shakes and soups and the peanut bar usually.

The counselling is the best bit. I am learning much about myself. I have never overeaten in the classical sense, i put on weight very gradually such as a biscuit a day type of thing. But i am learning to make better decisions, i know how to say no and control my internal chatterbox. The CBT helps in many areas of your life which unwittingly impact upon our decision making with food.

Due to a broken wrist i have to move on to RtM but after losing nearly 2 stone i feel much better and know i can hit goal, it will just take longer cos of my injury.

Good luck with it.


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Hi Scarlett

I really hope the change and the counselling enable you to stick to the diet and that your excitement stays with you.

As has been said there are no tetras on LL - the flavours we have are

Thai Chilli

Caramel (I think or toffee?)

Raspberry & Cranberry
Crunchy peanut

That's all I can think of but am sure people will post others if there are any. I'd say give them all a try, as I'm sure it is with cd different people prefer different flavours - overall though I'd say they're pretty good and I've never struggled with eating any except for the vanilla and the caramel, yet tohers love those.

The counselling is excellent, it gets better with each class, it is solely based on you and your relationship with food - it's good stuff.

Best of luck with it, really hope it works for you xx

Deb G

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LL is great for re-defining your relationship with food. If you want to really boost that, buy "Eating Less" by Gillian Riley (from Amazon) as her writing complements the LL messages (she's often quoted on their DVDs). I KNOW its more expensive, but for me, the counselling and the RTM were what I needed to keep the weight off forever - I know I can lose it - its the keeping it off that is a problem..... but so far, so good!
Hi S

I have done CD and LL and have been a lot more sucessful with LL. I am not doing too well at the moment but have the confidence that if I go to my sessions there is a great deal of help for people who have bad relationships with food.

The counselling is absolutely great and just what a foodie person needs as it sees it from all angles. I am not knocking CD as it is also good, but for me I need that EXTRA help big time.

Sorry to say that the packs are not as good as CD (being honest and just my opinion) I defo miss the Tetras which are so convenient, but once you are on the bandwagon and losing well you dont really care and like CD there are lots of receipes if you re that way inclined.

Good luck with your new journey I think you have made the right deceision.

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