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Struggling Slimmer

Hi Everyone

Thought I would start a diary as it might help me keep on track! I joined SW again in January for the 3rd time. Joined last January too and managed to lose just over a stone but by the end of the year my total weight loss was 6lb lol! So went back after xmas and it was cheaper for me to re-join than pay for missed weeks. Anway, got up to 7.5lb weight loss in first month but since then I had a 2 week break and put on 5lb, then lost 3lb then put that 3lb back on a again! So I am back to a 2.5lb total loss and we're 2 months into the year!!

So I need a bit of a kick up the bum to get going again. So far I have been really good this week. Asked my leader for some SAS logs as I have filled one in once and found it reallly useful. He gave me them for the week but said they wouldn't really help me as I already know what the problem is. The problem is sometimes I have a blip and start to eat rubbish inbetween meals and can't seem to stop myself. For instance I'll be at work armed with my supplies of syn free snacks for the day but I'll get it into my head that I want a chocolate bar so I'll go over to our tuck shop in the office and get one. But I won't stop there, I'll eat more and more rubbish for the rest of the day. In my head I know this is bad and that it will make me put on but I can't seem to stop myself.

In group this week we watched a DVD of success stories and while watching it I felt really emotional. In one of the stories one of the women spoke about having problems trying to conceive a baby and it made me think that if I carry on like this that could very well happen to me when that time comes. The leader didn't have time to talk to everyone individually and I was glad because at that point I thought I might start to cry if I started talking about how rubbish I'd done that week!! Anyway I had a quiet word with the leader at the end and he gave me the SAS logs.

So far I've managed to stay away from rubbish, but I worry that in a few weeks time I'll do it again. I've been dieting since I was at school and have never manged to lose more than a stone / stone and a half. And every time I join a slimming club I'm heavier than the time before. I'm 2 stone heavier now than when I met my boyfriend 7 years ago and I'm terrified that this cycle is going to continue. When I got back from WI this week I was so fed up and really felt like crying. My bf knew this and as I was watching telly downstairs he was looking through my SW magazine and when I went up to bed he announced that he'd been reading it and had found some recipes he wants to make this week! I'm really lucky to have a supportive bf, I just wish he could lose the weight for me - he's skinny as a rake!

Anyway enough rambling for now. I am feeling much more positive at the minute and have been trying to drink loads more water this week (our groups mini challenge is to drink 8 glasses a day this week). I'm just conscious that I never stay positive for that long and I don't want to get back to where I was the last few weeks. Hopefully writing this diary will help me keep the evil binges at bay!

Thanks for listening :eek:
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Food Diary 03/03/2011

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HExB) milk (HExA)

Morning Snacks: Apple, satsuma, 2 x milky ways (7 syns)

Lunch: SW Quiche made with macaroni cheese pasta n sauce, cottage cheese, 5 eggs, red pepper and spring onion (whole quiche 2 syns but only ate half today so 1 syn)
Salad - rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions

Afternoon snack: Plum

That's all so far but I have an activia yoghurt, grapes and a banana left for snacks today. Then tonight I've got left over home made bolognese which I will have with a jacket potato or pasta when I get home (not til 9pm). I have to be very organised on Thursdays as go straight from work to college and don't get home til 9:00. So I always make sure I have plenty of snacks with me to keep me going. Sugar free red bull helps too (free!).

Total syns for the day: 8
Total syns for the week: 15 / 105 (5 days to go)

Now that I've written it down I feel like I have to stick to eating just that for the rest of the day - I'll let you know if it works tomorrow!
Hiya Laurab,

Good luck with this, I'm sure trhe diary will help! :D

Do you often do choc during the day? I like to save my syns till night time and have choc when I'm all tucked up cosy at home.

Good luck xx
Hiya Laurab,

Good luck with this, I'm sure trhe diary will help! :D

Do you often do choc during the day? I like to save my syns till night time and have choc when I'm all tucked up cosy at home.

Good luck xx
Well normally when I am fully in the zone, I save up my syns like you and use for a treat on a night time. But when I spectacularly fall off the wagon like I have done the past few weeks, then I eat it all the time! Yesterday and today I've tried to combat it by bringing milky ways to work with me and it seems to have worked to give me that little choccie fix for only 3.5 syns!
Well done then, its obviously the forward planning thats working for you ;)
I also keep my syns for the evening, that is when I find I really struggle with the munchies at the minute. Not that I have all my syns, I dont. Been on the melon, grapefruit, and water with quite a lot of fish this week. But Laurab53 stick at it, you have a lot of support on here we are all here to help each other. Bob on anytime there is always someone here to help. Its only when you are going through the same journey that you can really empathise and understand. Stay strong, you will do it this time!:grouphugg:
Been on the melon, grapefruit, and water with quite a lot of fish this week.
How are you finding that? I did a fish week and gained 3lb, did scan bran and gain lb, been eating grapefruit like its going out of fashion, just cause I love it and not seen a difference :confused:
Oh well not had W I yet as I weigh in on a Monday but the water today has certainly filled me up. I only drink the sparkling so a bit full of bubbles atm if you know what I mean! I love grapefruit too, I get the red ones, they are so sweet. Had 3 today, and melon is lovely too. Will let you know my loss next week, hopefully I will have a loss!!!
Well I'm back from college now and have had my leftover pasta and bolognese. Got some banana and ff yoghurt for pud so will still be within the syns that I predicted for the day :D It feels so good when I have a few good days, makes me feel much more positive. Day off tomorrow so think I'll get some exercise and walk to asda (good half hour walk) and get some ingredients to make something new...maybe smash pizza, haven't tried that yet...

Thanks for all your support everyone x
I'm feeling good today and I have a plan for the day! I'm going to do something I haven't done for a loooong time - a Green day! I've been and Extra Easy only person since I joined a year ago, but today I want to make a smash pizza and in order to have cheese on it I would either have to syn the cheese or switch to Green for the day (on EE I always use my 2 healthy extras on my weetabix and milk every day). My plan for lunch was the leftover quiche so that fits in with the Green plan as there's no meat in it. Doesn't it feel good when a plan comes together??

I'm up early today for a day off - I usually sleep til at least 10:00! But today I woke up just before 9:00 and have been on the wii fit and had my weetabix. After I've written this I'm going to walk to asda (unheard of for me - the car's outside!!) which should take about half an hour, get my ingredients for my pizza and walk back. Might have cheeky peek at the clothes while I'm there. I'm out tomorrow night for a friends birthday and have no idea what I'm going to wear...

So I'll be back home just after lunch time and will spend the afternoon as I usually do - catching up on the weeks telly that I have missed! There are lots of things that I watch but my bf doesn't so I use my days off to catch up on them! And I won't have to feel guilty cos I will have done all this exercise this morning.

Tonight we are going out for a few drinks with some friends (another couple). But the girl is my SW buddy and is having a night off the booze, so I think I'll just stick to vodka & diet coke and might even slip the odd diet coke without the vodka in there! I'll see how many syns I have left tonight, but can't see me using many today.

Over the past few weeks (when I was off the wagon completely) every trip to asda included a few chocolate treats for me for on the way home / the rest of the day. This is a habit I need to break. Won't find it hard today as I am 'in the zone' but it's something I need to think about for the future, as I'm always going to face this problem for the rest of my life...:sigh:
Hey Laura, just wanted to wish you good luck with your weight loss. I love the sound of the SW quiche, i'm going to look for the recipe now so i can buy ingredients at Tescos. Well done on the walking too.. you are heading in the right direction. Don't worry, we all have off days/weeks, the key is to put it behind you and not dwell on it otherwise we just end up sabotaging ourselves. I've realised this after years of unsuccessful dieting, i used to be really good, then fall of the wagon by eating junk or drinking too much booze and then let it snowball into, 'oh, well i've done this, so i may as well just eat that!' I've finally learnt to just draw a line under the bad day/week and just get back into it straight away.
Thanks Tracie. I've definately drawn a line under it now. There's nothing I can do about the past, just have to focus on the future!

Just got back from my 4 mile walk! Couldn't believe it was that far but I used the 'map my run' app on my iPhone! It took about 40mins each way and I am knackered now! Just sat down at ate my quiche and salad and am feeling very proud of myself :)
Laura, you are doing so well, well done! I just wanted to pop in and say: remember, you don't need to worry about losing it some time in the future just because you did in the past. This is a new start, and just take it one successful day at a time!
Keep it up!!
Woodland girl said:
Laura, you are doing so well, well done! I just wanted to pop in and say: remember, you don't need to worry about losing it some time in the future just because you did in the past. This is a new start, and just take it one successful day at a time!
Keep it up!!
Thanks! I think that's the key for me - taking it one day at a time trying not to worry about what happened in the past or worry about what might be up ahead of me!

Well I've just attempted my first smash pizza and it was yummy! Although I think I should have let the base cook a bit longer as it was quite soggy! But tasted really good and felt like I was being really naughty but it was free! This is how I made it:

1 packet of smash made with just enough water to create a big ball of mash! Spread really thinly onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.
When base cooked on one side I took the greaseproof paper off along with the base and lined the tray again. Then I turned the paper with the base on over onto the new sheet and peeled other paper off. Let that cook til firm.
I didn't have any tomato purée or passata so I just opened a tin of tomatoes and spread a few tablespoons over the base. Added HEXA of 48g mozarella cheese, 71g HEXB of chicken with tikka flavouring, and chopped mixed peppers (would have added more veg but there was no room!) put back in oven for another 15mins or so.
Served with more superfree roasted veg!

Photographic evidence:



Silver Member
Hi Laurab53

Im the same in that if i fall off the wagon I think I might as well carry on.

The one thing that has helped me is I dont buy any chocolate biscuits or any types of snacks for home as I couldnt just eat one. I temp now and again and I struglle when I go to different companies when they have vending machines cafes etc I eat more then.

Hope it works out for you good luck!!!
Bit of a blip last night. Stuck to vodka & diet coke (x4) and one gin and slimline tonic. But then our friends dad who we'd met up with invited us back to their house for some food...who can say no to some free buffet?? I had a few little sandwiches, some crisps and 2 fairy cakes. Good job I did all that walking in the morning!

Today I'm going to have the same problem with my friend's birthday tea. She is a fellow SWer and she said the food is half free and have really high syn so we'll have to be strong! Think flexi syns is the way to go today, then get straight back on it tomorrow and try to minimise my syns for the rest of the week. What do you think?
If you can't avoid it then flexi is the way to go. No point feeling deprived cos it'll just make you want to fall off the wagon even more.

That smash pizza looks sooo yummy too, Gonna have to attempt that one myself at some point.

You sound very focussed now, if you do flex today, don't feel guilty, just get back on plan tomorrow xx

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