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Struggling Today


Grumpy Old Git
Just got back from a meeting all morning. At 11.15 they decided to wheel in a buffet for everyone......:cry:

I sat there while 20 others stuffed their faces with the most mouth watering selection of sandwiches and crisps and nibbles and......:eek:

I resisted although they kept telling me a few of the salmon ones wouldn't hurt my diet... Might not have done, but it would have ruined my determination to stay focused on this diet. One sandwich would have led to another and then a few crisps and then a plateful.:(

So I am back at my desk with my bottle of water and I'm just going to make my Shake up for lunch.

Very pleased that I resisted temptation:p
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Well done Mike, only a few days in and you resisted, the rest of this diet is going to be breeze for you. Again well done, these kinds of actions are in inspiration for everyone so keep sharing.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
YAY go you ! Go team blue ! (sorry I have teamed you gentleman into team blue;))

On a serious note... you should be so proud of your achievement! Truthfully and honestly resisting something like that, with all the peer pressure added in.. is amazing especially in the first week...

As Mark quite rightly said. It is inspirational and helps not only me but I am sure others to know we will all be able to find similar inner strength (Or risk Team Blues wrath)



reaching my goal
your not alone its day 2 for me and it was difficult this dinner time but i made a shake and got over it! why does food have to taste so good?? why is it so difficult to resist ? we know in the end if we dont stop indulgeing in unhealthy foods it will be the death of us !


Grumpy Old Git
I wish my weight was the result of eating because I have a problem, it's not, I just love food!!!:cool:

I wish I could say it was due to SWMBO not loving me enough or something....I'm just a food lover that loves food and loves eating it!:p

It's nearly 8.00pm, time for my soup! :)

Day 11 and only Shakes, Soups, and a bar or two have passed my lips....:D

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!

you are doing well you know.... really well
Well done, I have to say my mouth was watering just reading about that buffet so you are doing soooo well to have resisted. I'm only day 2, it started off torturous but i got through it with some helpful words on here and I'm feeling rather proud! Couldn't do it without you guys though!
Yeah it's that relationship that needed to end and you doing this will certainly cut the cord. That is exactly why I am overweight, loooooooove food and have to admit I am getting new appreciation for salad.


is slowly shrinking
if we didn love food we wouldn be here. I got to the stage i was eating until i felt sick, i didn want it but i just ate and ate, then u get the guilty fat B pangs, sorry but its true, we always beat ourselves up for over eating. At least we can be proud now that we are doing something about our habit.


Grumpy Old Git
Look out....:cool:

SWMBO is looking over my shoulder to check the Avitars!!

I think she suspects I'm on a Russian Bride Forum preparing for when I've lost all the weight.....:rolleyes:


Grumpy Old Git
She Who Must Be Obeyed.........Wife!!
awww well dun for rsistingg...proud of u..:d wish i was that strong lol i bet your weight loss will b fabb this week :D keep it up
You have my total sympathy as I've had a very similar week at work.

We're hosting a huge conference and the food is plentiful and divine.... think danishes and fruit salad for breakfast, fruit and biscuits for morning break, fully catered hot/cold delish buffet lunch with proper desserts and afternoon tea complete with vast quantity of cake. Then to top of the week (well I've still got tomorrow to go) it's my daughter's birthday and we went out for dinner by which I mean everyone ate and I drank sparkling water!

Do you feel great for resisting? You should do. :)

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