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Extra Easy Struggling with super free

Hi all. I had 2 meals out this week and lots of pre-cooked chicken packets so decided that extra easy was the way to go in order to have meet & carbs for lunch and dinner (I rarely do this). I thought I was doing fine with this and keeping within my syns but then had a sneaky weigh on wiifit which showed that I'd put on 2lb in 4 days. I checked this with my scales which said I'd gained 1lb. I was not a happy bunny and went and read through my food diary to see what could be going wrong and realised that the problem is probably that there is not enough superfree food on my extra easy days. This meant that I changed my plan for the week, starting immediately from Thursday afternoon and decided just to do green / red days.

Can anyone look at my diary and see if there's anything else that they think I've been doing wrong or make suggestions where I can fit in more superfree?

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The wii is notorious bad at recording weight so I would completely ignore what it said. And that's not to mention how totally pointless it is to do mid week sneaky peaks as your weight naturally goes up and down from day to day by as much as 7lb. So what you saw on the scales bears no relation to what they will say on WI day. Stick to one weigh in a week only because otherwise it messes with your head - as you are finding out!
circes is right, try to avoid sneaky weigh ins before your weigh in day, as different scales can vary greatly as can your weight on a day to day basis.

I have had a look at your food diary and do agree you need a bit more superfree in your day, but you main meals looked okay. Also it might be an idea to try and mix things up a little and try to have more variety, as I noticed your breakfasts and lunchs were almost the same for quite a few days.

good luck!!
Thanks for the advice guys. I know I shouldn't have weighed but I wanted to see my weight graph go down on wiifit. For the first time ever I might see myself reach my wiifit monthly target (normally I go on for a couple of days but then lose motivation).

You're right about mid-week weighing messing with my head. Hubby has also told me off and is hiding the scales so that I can't have them apart from on Monday (I'm doing it from home so I do need to weigh myself then).

As for varying the breakfasts and lunches I think you might be right Britmum. I do sometimes have a different breakfast (oat so simple and milk) which is still an A and B but find I rarely have time for anything else (since they don't require weighing they're really easy). I also find that 28g of other cereal doesn't fill me up.

I'll definitely look at varying the lunches, although when I make soup I make enough for a couple of days so probably will still do that at weekends.

Thanks again for the advice! :)

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