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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by xGeordieGirlx, 6 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. xGeordieGirlx

    xGeordieGirlx I

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    Hey guys, hope you are all having a great weekend!!

    I'm back...and looking for guidance. I never really left to be honest, I just don't get time to post with working such long hours!

    I'm really struggling at the moment. I go to group, and for the past 8 weeks it's been going good. A loss every week apart from one STS. I was happy. But now I'm bored. I've gone completely off track..missed two weeks of group and just ate loads of fatty foods and drank a lot.

    Had a sneeky peek on the scales and I've put about 3/4lbs on. I'm depressed about this but I can't get back on track.

    I've got just over 4 weeks til Turkey and I really wanted to be below 10st for it. I'm currently between 10st 2lbs and 10st 5lbs. I'm going to be hitting the gym most days but I'm debating whether or not to go back to class. I keep thinking...I can either go it alone (but probably not stick to it) or give up and just 'eat healthily'.

    Does anyone have any tips on getting back on track or advice on what to do?
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  3. frankied

    frankied Silver Member

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    I think you have said it yourself you need to go back to group because it helps you stick to it, I know I would never be able to stick to it going it alone. Do this asap, don't put it off any longer or fear of seeing the gain it won't help.

    Try to draw a physical line between yourself and the last two weeks it's done now, but think about how well you can do and have done and how good success on the scales feels. Remind yourself when you see the gain. We all fall on the wagon at some point but success is getting back on as many times as necessary.

    Keep your goal in mind and remember the reward you will feel you stick to it, succeed or even if you come very close.

    Keep the exercise up, it helps me stay distracted, motivated and helps with my appetite.

    If you are bored list all the foods that you like superfree and free, come up with as many different and new meals that you can with what you like. Maybe try new foods and check out the recipe section, and what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner threads.

    You can do hun! Gud luck xx
  4. geordie_lass21

    geordie_lass21 Silver Member

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    Dont worry you definitely can get back on track and can get to weight you want to be for your holiday.

    However I think you need to do a few things. First go with your true weight. If you are saying between 10-2 and 10-5 then I am assuming you are the 10-5 at the moment. If you are then start from there because otherwise you start of feeling demoralised because when you lose the first few pounds you wont acknowledge it and will likely class it as "getting back to what you were anyway".

    On the going to class it depends on what you get out of it. I personally think if I am motivated for an end goal I wouldnt need it (I never went to classes when I slimmed down for my wedding but needed it when I wanted to lose baby weight as I had nothing to motivate me). Everyone is different, I know some ppl who pay £5 just to get on the scales and dont even stay for the sessions. Personally I would never do that because I can weigh myself once a week at home, but some ppl need that physical doing it in a class.

    The thing I most recommend is to do yourself a weekly idea of a meal plan, including what you will have for lunches and dinners. I would try to use very little syns in the meal plan (e.g. in my weekly planned meals I probs wouldnt plan tp use more that 3 syns a day). I then have spare syns for if I really fancy a treat. I think doing a complete meal plan helps you stay in control.
  5. kels1991

    kels1991 Member

    Simming World
    really hope that you can get yourself back on track, you know you will really regret it if you dont when you go on holiday !! perhaps try experimenting in kitchen...... whats your favorite foods? try make healthy options of them !! maybe speak to your SW representative 1 on 1 for some personal advice... :)-x
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